Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parties and planning

Today has been a really fun day.

My mom and I dropped off my sisters and then headed over to my grandmas house to take her to breakfast for her 80th birthday. We went to Panera and got bagels, that were really good, after that we went by Walmart and got my memaw some flowers.

We decided we needed a gallon of strawberries so we went to this cute little strawberry farm. My mom said I could pick some. (My first time picking them this year!!;) I would love to go back soon. There were lots of strawberries and they taste great!

We planted my grandmas Vinca's and then left for home. At 1:00 I had my cake decorating class. We made daffodils, and pansy icing flowers. I love cake decorating although it does take a latte of muscle and makes your arms feel sore after squeezing that little tube of icing. Its like painting on a cake. I find that really neat!
When I got home, I read a book and just hung out!! Tonight is our churches picnic, it looks like nice weather, but I hope it doesn't rain. I thought it might earlier today, but it didn't. (Thank heavens)

On Sunday my mom and her sisters are putting together an 80th birthday party for my grandma. Since my grandma used to garden so much when she was younger, we thought we would do a garden theme. If we can find a croquet set, we will have that set up in the yard. My grandma gave us some gorgeous Peonies (my favorite!) and rhododendrons. Hopefully they will keep until Sunday! I can't wait until SUNDAY!!! My cake decorating teacher is going to be making the cake. The food is all planned out- cucumber sandwiches, tea, crab tip, fruit, veggies, cake and many other things, only I can not remember them at this moment. So it should be a good party, and I hope she is blessed by it.

I will try and take a lot of pictures of the party!



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Mimi Elise said...

I hope the party goes well, I'm sure she'll love it! is your dad going to make it down for the party?