Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Permitted to drive part 2

I just realized I had never updated about getting my permit, so please permit me to inform you! ;) I guess it was March 12th when I went to go get my permit. I got there, and then realized that I had absolutely NONE of the papers I needed to bring. (SS, Birth Certificate Etc.) They said that they could not see me until I had them, so we left. Several days later we went again, and they said I needed another paper that they had not mentioned. (The guy said it, and then made some lame comment about forgetful sisters. I mean who in the world was he talking about? (tee hee!) And it had to be mailed to me. ;( arrghh! The third time I realized I did not have my glasses and I could not pass the eye test, but thankfully they let me take all of the other tests and just come back for that one. ( I only got two questions wrong!! WHOO HOO!) I went back yesterday (fourth time) and FINALLY FINALLY got my permit! ;) I believe I earned it. Four tries to get your permit, and you get to known the people working there, and they know you! Man, some of those people there are just..... What's the word?? Country, and funny! (I guess that would be coununny)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tag, I'm it! ;)

Hello strangers! I really sorry I have not posted much. The fact is, I am kind of depressed with school, (that is the reason for all of the nature pictures, just looking at things like that make me feel a whole lot happier!) and some other things.
Easter is on its way, and coming much faster than I realize. I was just sitting here remembering how I used to get a new Easter dress every year. It makes me kind of sad it has stopped! ;( Of course I dress up, but I don't have a dress specifically for it. I also remember the Easter Egg hunts. Man, those were so much fun!

In other news, I was recently tagged by the lovely Sally, from "Everything is Better Pink."

Here are the rules:

-Click on the above button and paste onto your blog/website

-Answer the below questions

-Pass onto 10 bloggers that you love, go to their blog and let them know they have been tagged

1. Who is your style icon? Oh gosh, this is a tough one. I would have to say Audrey Hepburn, and Lilly Pulitzer. They have such a classy, preppy look, and it makes them unique.

2. What is your favorite socialite book? Kate Spade- Manners, Occasions, and Style. I also like Essentially Lilly, a guide to colorful entertaining, and Ina Gartens cook books.

3. Favorite party theme? One time I had a masquerade party where everyone dressed up in ball gowns, and I gave out masks. That was tons of fun!! I also like grown up tea parties, and a Lilly party would be great to!

4. Go to Halloween costume? I don't really celebrate Halloween, but if I did, I would probably be a safari girl, (Tan button down cuffed dress!!!!) or a leopard.

5. Extravagance you cannot live without? I dont have many extravagances that I truly need. I just love the simple things. I LOVED Sally's answer about fresh cut flowers. Our house is decorated with them. I also like my diamond stud earrings, and my faux pearl necklace from Kristin Pearce.

6. Living person you admire? Ina Garten, Julia Childs, and my grandma. I would have said Ruby Bridges, but sadly, she is not alive anymore.

7. Greatest Fear? This sounds absolutely ridiculous but (Wait should I actually be advertising this to the world? Oh well. ;) I HATE with a passion............ Crickets. Good grief they are scary!! But being realistic once again, my family or friends dying suddenly. I know where they will be going, which is a much better place than here, and I will see the again. But it still makes me scared.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself? I can suddenly judge a person (wrongly) in just the few minutes I have met them.

9. Which talent would you most like to have? I would love to be able to play the guitar, I would like to become a professional cake decorator or, wedding planner. (A florist would also be fun!)

10. Greatest Achievement? Finishing my LOOOONG science re-search paper. I feel very accomplished!! He he!

I am passing this fun tag onto the following......

The Company She Keeps

If you don't read these blogs, you really should! They are really cute. Tag away!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Country Road

On Friday evening I had one of my best friends over, we had a wonderful time!! My mom asked us to wash the car, which we did (MUCH more fun with a friend!) as well as picking HUGE bouquets of daffodils, and camellias.

My sister got a Jack Johnson CD for her birthday, here is one of my favorite songs. I think Jack Johnson's and Paula Fuga's voices go really well together!

Have a great Sunday! Can you believe it is almost Easter??


Saturday, March 20, 2010



Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday was completely gorgeous! I went and picked daffodils, played "Catch" with my dog, and took my cat with me to pick flowers. ;) (She likes it- believe me!) I also got a hair cut. Wait- let me rephrase that. I got a much needed haircut. Just a trim, but its still wonderful!!

Today for school I started reading "The Old Man and the Sea" Believe it or not, I actually am kind of liking it! I have never read any book similar, and I dont know if it is just me being weird. Have you read it? Did you like it?

I am very sad that I didn't do a Saint Patrick's day post. So instead, (Since it is to late now) I will post some green pictures!
(HAHA!! I had to post this one!)


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Edit****I just realized- this is my 200th post!! YIPPEE!!****
Yay! One more hour of daylight!! And.... One less hour of sleep- Oh well, I guess it is a trade off! Yesterday I transplanted some tulips; they turned out nicely and I am glad I did it. The weather has been lovely!! Even today, yesterday it rained a little, but it left everything feeling nice refreshed, and clean! Dont you just love that feeling?!? Enjoy the pictures- This is what I think of when I think of spring!!

God is INCREDIBLE!!! A sea of pink, green, and blue- GORGEOUS!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Now I know my ABC's

A - Age: 1_ (Sorry guys- You know I am a high schooler!;)

B - Bed size: twin

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom

D - Dog's name: Lucy

E - Essential start your day item: I get up, make my bed, check my email, get dressed, each breakfast and do school (Is that what you mean by "Essential start?"

F - Favorite color: Light aqua, pink, green, and gold

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Gold. (I also like white gold)

H - Height: 5'7"

I - Instruments you play: Nothing as of now, but I used to take piano (For 4 years I think?!?) I would like to take guitar lessons though.

J - Juice: cran-raspberry juice, fresh squeezed orange juice, and lime strawberry juice. (Oh and minute maid lemonade raspberry is great!

K - Kid(s): None. But someday, hopefully.

L - Living arrangements: With my parents, in a house

M - Mom's name: Begins with M

N- Nicknames: Coral, Car Car (Pronounced care care. A girl I babysit gave it to me because she couldn't pronounce Caroline ;) and Coralini. (HA- Sounds like some kind of pasta)

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Thankfully, none. (As of now)

P - Pet Peeve: People who whisper for absolutely no reason, styrofoam (OH its awful!)

Q - Quote:

" For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise; walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. "
-Audrey Hepburn

R - Right handed or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: two sisters

T - Time you wake up: It depends if it is on a school day or not. usually between 7-8:00 AM

U- Umbrella- My has a peacock feather pattern on it

V - Vegetable you like- Asparagus, corn, sugar snap peas, green beans, and okra. Actually I like most all vegetables except for tomatoes, egg plant, and mushrooms

W - Ways you run late: Maybe not having a clock in my room. It has its good sides

X - X-rays you've had: My mouth

Y - Yummy food you make:
Homemade Macaroni and cheese, chicken, vegetables, shrimp- actually I love cooking almost anything. I would love to go to a cooking school!! Le Cordon Bleu!!

~Caroline (Coral, Car Car, or Coralini- HA!)

Z - Zoo favorite: Elephants, leopards, peacocks, jaguars, pandas, and tigers

Friday, March 12, 2010


I just wanted to pop in and say- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!! She is my older sister and is officially an adult. I think. (What age makes you an adult any ways?) I am going to help my mom make cupcakes with carmel icing- YUM!! I love you!
Caroline (Your favorite middle sister)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Permitted to drive

I am going by the DMV tomorrow to try and get my permit. I am really excited but kind of nervous. I have taken several DMV prep test, and those were fine, but the whole idea just makes me nervous. I keep thinking "What if I fail!" I guess in answer to that, I would just re take it. As Rachel Linne off of Anne of Green Gables says "The sun will keep on rising and setting, whether you pass or not." Now thats comfort..... I did fine in the drivers ed class, but it has been several months since then. (With school and exams, I am sure I have probably forgotten some things) The only thing I can do is study, which I worked on today after school. Most of the questions are just common sense, and you can figure out what the signs mean by the pictures, and words. (or colors and shapes) Do you have any advice for me? My sister said to concerntrate most on the signs. I think the test is only 26 problems, (A lot better than the 200 question quiz we had!) and you can miss 5 or 6.
The neat thing is that I will be going to get my permit when my sister goes to get her license!! Now she can drive me around- FUN fun fun! ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have a pass!!!!

YAY!! I just got a passport today! I am really excited! I had my picture taken, (It didn't turn out the hottest. Oh well, they only give you one chance to look amazing. I failed.) and I am going to leave to go finish the process after a while. Now I just need a pink and green pass port case! ;)

In other news- Here is another reason I LOVE Ebay!! They sell Victorias Secret Pink! I think that they have some really cute stuff. My sister just got a brand new pink shirt- Its really cute! I want........ (Don't ask me why.)

as well as a pink duffel bag, T Shirt, and beach bag. They are just too cute! (Sorry I couldn't find pictures of the last three.)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Lovely!!

I won a gorgeous pearl necklace from The Company She Keeps. I love her blog. (By the way, it was her birthday several days ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAYY BLC!!) It is an absolutely STUNNING faux pearl necklace- It looks and feels like real pearls! In fact, it had me fooled for a little while. ;)
Thank you so much BLC and Kristen Pearce for hosting this!

Turquoise Shell Pearl Necklace with Pave Clasp
Here is a picture of mine- I have the white pearls.