Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 Things

8 things I am looking forward to-

  1. Baskin Robbins 31 cent night...
  2. Visting my dad.
  3. summer
  4. my family and I going up to _______ where my dad is training for his new job. We will treat it like a vacation. ;)
  5. going to my grandmas cabin
  6. getting food from the grocery store.
  7. choir tonight
  8. cleaning the house.

8 things I did yesterday-

  1. babysat 11 kids from 9:00 AM- 12:00
  2. babysat 11 diffent kids from 12:45- 5:15-30
  3. went to whole foods and bought lunch and a (healthy) soda
  4. ate lunch
  5. worked on my speech project
  6. looked at nature under a microscope. (babysitting)
  7. walked outside
  8. cooked dinner

8 things I wish-

  1. my speech would be over
  2. We could go see my dad
  3. I could go antique shopping
  4. go to my grandmas cabin
  5. go to a pool
  6. eat something, REALLY good.
  7. go to NYC
  8. go on a safari

8 TV shows I watch- we do not have cable, but here are a few I like!

  1. Brady Bunch
  2. Clean house
  3. I dream of Jeannie
  4. Giligans Island
  5. Andy Griffith
  6. food network... SO many great shows on there...
  7. TLC
  8. Dog whisperer, some animal shows... NOT EMERGENCY vet.....OR any show like that, for that matter.

Okay I do not know who has and who hasn't done this, so if you haven't feel free to go ahead and do it. (You can say I tagged you)



pssssst.... I was going kind of blog crazy and made two posts in one day. So if you havent seen the one before this, scroll down! THanks!

Kick butt chicken recipe

Last night my mom had a cold so she asked my sisters (thats two links) and I to cook. I didn't think I was in a cooking mood but once I started, it was a blast!!! (I would still have had to do it even if I wasn't in a cooking mood! ;)

  • Basil Chicken with red onions

  • Rice

  • Steamed broccoli and carrots

  • French bread

  • Fudge (made by mom)

For the chicken-

  • Several chicken breast, cut into strips

  • one small red onion

  • 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic

  • melted butter

  • basil (I used dried but fresh would probably taste DELISH!)

  • onion powder

  • coarse sea salt (to taste)

  • pepper (to taste)

*note- I have NO clue how much of everything I put in. I made the recipe up, so it all depends on how much flavoring you want. Really garlic-y, onion-y, or buttery. Your choice.


  1. Begin by cutting your thawed chicken into strips.

  2. Melt butter.

  3. Place chicken strips in butter. (poke several holes into the chicken, so that it will absorb more of the butter)

  4. Sprinkle onion powder on it.

  5. Place into a pan. cook several minutes, add garlic, chopped red onion, salt, and basil.

  6. Continue cooking until cooked to perfection.

  7. Make sure onions are tender. Pepper to taste.

Yep, that's all! It was super easy, and turned out great!

lets see:

rice- self-explanatory

Bread- self-explanatory

vegetables- steam with water. Add butter and salt to taste.

Thats it! Some time soon I will have to post that fudge recipe... DELIIIIIIISHHHHHHH!!!!


Tonight, (if you are not planning anything) Baskin Robbins is having, a $0.31 scoop night... You will find me at B.R. tonight!!! (hopefully!)

K.....This is completely random but...... Isn't this bathroom neat!?!?!?!
I like black and green together, and that B&W floor is rockin. I might do several adjustments to it if it was mine.

Okay, I am done... Officially.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Prom Night, and alot of other random things!

Sorry for not posting in a while! I have been busy babysitting for two days. My family and I spent the night over at our friends house and took care of their precious 2 year old, Annie Catherine.

Saturday night was the prom. The theme was 'moonlight in Paris,' and thanks heavens they didn't use cardboard decorations! (last year I think it was 'enchanted forest' and there were cardboard fairies. How cheesy can ya get people?!?!?) It was all really pretty. There were candles, Eiffel towers, flowers, and a nice dance floor.

At 5:00 PM one of the moms served us a nice dinner at their house. She had a delish coffee bar, (WITH SUGAR CUBES!!! ill take two please. ;) chocolate covered espresso beans, (uuummmm uummm good! possibilities!) and cinnamon and cocoa powder to put in it. She also served us a key lime cheese ball with graham crackers. It was cream cheese, lime and some other things, but it was OH so good!

Prom started at 7:00 PM and lasted until 11:00 PM. I only got to stay until 9:00......It wasn't because I wasn't aloud too, but I got sick. I think it might be REALLLY bad allergies, or a virus.... No fuN! And I didn't get a rose! All the girls who went were supposed to get one when it was over, but since I had to leave early I didn't get one. Oh well.

They played some cute old music, and we did some swing dancing!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Most of the music they played wasn't my favorite, (except for the old stuff) but it was fine. I saw a lot of people I knew, including several people from my class this year and last year, as well as some friends, and my language arts teacher!!

I GOT A PEDICURE!!!! hip hip... HOORAY!!! It is the same peach-y colour as my dress. (I will show some pictures of my dress on the next post.) It was really fun. First time ever.
okay, on to another topic!
I went to a smoothie shop and I heard this mom say too her 10/11 year old son-

"I need to go get something so stay here and open the door for people."

son- "okay"

then I came up and he opened the door for me, and I was like- "thanks!" and I started going in, then about halfway through he said- "I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS!!!!!!" (super enthusiastically, almost screaming it! ;) At first i thought he was trying to trick me or something, (You know how little boys are) because I did not remember putting on earrings. But I smiled really big and said thank you. That just made my day! (I DID have on earrings) and what made it better was that I had made them!!! he he!

My history presentation is almost finished!! YEA!!! (actually the presentation is done and so is my paper, I just have to start practicing more. And basically memorize it. oh the joy.

Lauren went yard sailing with a friend on Saturday and bought me and Abby a purse. I LOVE IT!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Sensation!!!

On Friday I will only have ONE week of school left! is that not insane??? I think it is!! all those semesters, weeks, and days seem to have flown by. I am happy that it is almost over, its like a big relief. I have been scrambling around trying to 'finish up the year strong' as my teachers call it. My big speech is due next Friday and I am kind of nervous. One whole week to worry. O joy. Hopefully I will do alright! You can pray for me next Friday! ;)

I have been so excited about all the flowers blooming in our yard. Azaleas of every colour, lilacs, wisteria, (I know, I am not supposed to like wisteria.... It kills other plants and invades your yard... But...... It is so pretty!!! It sure does sound awfully mysterious,{the name} and secret garden-ish. ;) a snow. of little pink cherry blossoms, Dogwoods, and the trees are getting leaves! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Spring is marvelous.... Except for one little detail.... and it is...... POLLEN! oh the joy... ;) Right now everything seems to be covered with it. It was supposed to rain this week, (I was kind of hoping it wold. You know, to wash away the pollen!?~?) but it has been sunny. Which I am fine with.

On Saturday (????) my grandma came over and after eating at Kanes & Walkers we went over to my very favorite little gelato shop, called 'Cafe Gelato.' It is VERY tiny, but the lady who owns it makes all the gelato by hand. The store is cream sicle orange, and then she has accents of peach-y pink, and bright green. Very cute. The lady who owns it is from Sweden or something and she has this really neat accent. I just love accents..... She has delish flavors like-


And so much more......It is divine...... It is much better than ice cream... In every way possible... The texture, the flavor, the color.....Yummo! (As Rachel Ray would say!! he he....) I got Blackberry and chocolate. (or was it raspberry?;) My favorites.

While I am on the topic of sweet treats, my mom, sisters, and I went to a cute place down town called 'Wolfie's.' they serve some 'knock you dead custard!' I got a cheesecake milkshake. The girl serving it was so sweet and funny, (don't you just love it when the cashier/worker is nice to you? It really makes me want to go there more often.;) I believe she had been working there two days or something. Cute little place though. All different shades of orange. Pretty neat!

I have now discovered my very favorite dessert places-
  • Cafe Gelato
  • Kernel Kustards
  • Wolfie's
Some of you asked to see my prom dress. (that was two posts ago) I will post some pictures when I get the chance!

Monday, April 20, 2009


My weekend seems to have flown by! It was jam packed with watching movies and hanging out with friends, as well as relatives!

Friday night I spent the night with a friend. We watched 'My Sassy Girl' and started 'the Princess Diaries.' he he! It was really fun. We also took loads of pictures on their new computer.

Saturday my moms mom came over and we went to Kanes and Walkers- aka K&W. ;) After that Laurens friend came over and she cut her hair, it looks really cute! I cleaned off the screened in porch and I must say, it looks much better! For dinner we went to my other grandmas house and ate stir fry. My aunt Shirley was visiting. She is the BEST!!! One time she taught us some old cheer leading cheers-

THERE'S a team to the EAST there's a team to the WEST but the team on the FLOOR is the BEST! goooo BOOKER. T! ha ha!!

She always wears the cutest outfits! one time she wore this cute black hat with a black long sweater. She ALWAYS wears some sort of jewelry and is so fun to be around.

Sunday my youth group started watching 'Expelled.' it was very interesting. have you seen it? Every week we will watch a little bit and then have a discussion on it.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bowling away the day....

HA HA! that rhymes!

Today I went with my class, bowling. Let me just say- bowling alleys, smell disgusting!! smokey sweat ALL THE WAY! It was really fun, although I must admit- I am not good at bowling. The wii is much easier. I think. On the first round, I broke a new world record- at the end of the game, I had a STUNNING.... DRUM ROLL PUHHHHLEASE!!!!

24 points....

Eh... Not to good you say? I should say not! But on the second round I had 99 points, and beats almost everyone in my class. WHOOT WHOOT!!!!

Prom is approaching very fast, and I am getting really excited! (the home school prom) Lauren is letting me wear her dress, so I have that and the shoes figured out, but the jewelry and shrug are another story.

More later-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Purse Tag

I was kindly tagged by Abby (http://www.abby-theviolinist.blogspot.com/) to do the fun purse tag deal.

The rules are-heres the deal-
You may NOT switch your purse to the cute Expensive one $$$$$$

Have fun with it! What is in your purse?

be sure to tell how much it cost, and were you got it
Okay here is mine-

This is a Ralph Lauren tote bag, that I got at goodwill (I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!;) for $17 at an auction. Sure beats $115!
Lets open it!!! This was an awfully good excuse to clean out my purse..... So.. uhhhh.... Beware!Inside you will find-
  • several chap sticks... Burt's bees, chap ice

  • a tanger outlet coupon book
  • A postcard

  • hair accessorises
  • a gum wrapper

  • things for my i pod

  • change

  • wallet

  • a pamplet from UNCG

  • Laurens recital paper

  • Keys (they are usually in there.)

  • bottle cap earrings
  • a button notebook

  • 3 kindsof antibacterial gel... I must say.... They smell MARVELOUS!

  • Crisp citrus herb hand lotion

  • several pens and highlighters

  • nail file

  • mirror

  • bow

  • flash light
  • sunscreen

So thats what is in my purse!

I tag....


pink potpourii


The shrubbery

Mabels house


I told you several posts ago how my mom, my cousin, me, Lauren, and my cousins mom went to a historic site called Old Salem. Well I took this picture, and I think it turned out pretty neat! ;)

These are some flower hair clips I made.

Well come back and see me!


Monday, April 13, 2009



Bloggy make over

DO NOT LEAVE!!! I promise, you are at Caroline's blog!!
Just some spring cleaning going around. I decided I would change the backgrounds ETC.
Well, what do you think?

Today has been spent, working on my end of school year project. We have been studying the renaissance and got to pick a topic. (It had to do with the renassiance) I chose renaissance fashions. I found some marvelous pictures on the internet, and ran by A.C Moore to get a 3 way poster board, and some scrapbooing paper. So far, it has turned out really neat, and I am really excited! I hope the speech part of it will go ok.

For some reason, I really like this picture. JUST LOOK at the goregous path behind the couple! On the 16th I may be going bowling with my class. I hope I do all right! I remember running out just a little to far and sliding across the bowling alley!! he he! Oh well, I guess it is just for fun.
Swing by the Pink Potpourii and wish her and her husband 'CONGRATS'! They are pregnant, how exciting! (www.allieparkersthoughts.blogspot.com)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Today is EASTER!!! YEA!! We went to our churches early service. When we got out of the car, we past several kids drapped over their parents shoulders, or huddled on the side walk, walking to church. (it was windy.) They were so cute! Each one was in a cute easter outfit. The message was great, and was divided into small sections. The music was wondeful. We sang lots of old hymns, and some new ones.
Today is not only Easter, it is my best friends birthday! She came over for ABS (area Bible study) with her family. I made her a strawberry lemon cake, and gave her, her birthday present. They actually just left several minutes ago.

Saturday we went to a couple yardsales. Not much luck. But I did happen to find a really nice big blue vase. It is sitting on my dresser with some orchids in it. After yard work and cleaning we tried to go to the amish store. But it was closed for Easter. (the amish store is a place out in the middle of no where. We try and go several times a year. Our tradition is to go around lunch time and buy some bread and cheese. Along with several kinds of candy- Boston baked beans are a favorite!!! ;) So instead we went to Little Richards. After that my grandmas house was right down the road so we headed over there. Sadly, it was my grandfathers birthday (he died 3 years ago) so it was hard for her. On the 14th it will be her fathers birthday day. So April is not very good month. We visted her moms grave and put some new flowers on it. After that we went to my cousins and watched/helped them put up a pig pen. I believe some time soon they are getting a pig, for my cousin!!!

Several posts ago I talked about my 2nd cousin coming over. That night we invited over a friend and grooved to some crazt music. Like 'Crazy' by Gnarles Barkley. Then Natalie taught Jessica, abby and me how to contra dance. We played some Pride and Prejudice music and it was really fun.

I hope each and every one of you had a good Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TAG!!!! I am it........

I have been tagged. Thanks to Miriam (http://www.mimielise.blogspot.com/)

What is your current obsession?
Blogging, cleaning, baking, Ralph Lauren, old movies, rain showers, weddings hanging out with friends. etc.
What is your weirdest obsession?
cleaning my closet.
What are you wearing today?
A pink shirt with jeans and a cable knit jacket
Why is today special?
It is one day until JESUS ROSE! Now THAT is special!
What would you like to learn to do?
cake decorating
What’s for dinner today?
No clue, but hopefully something delish!!

What’s the last thing you bought?
A chunky ring
What are you listening to right now?
What is your favorite weather?
Well I like it warm and sunny, with an occasional thunderstorm and LIGHT rain( ha ha I sound like a weatherman!
What is your most challenging goal right now?
Trying to figure out moving. It is so tough and really wears you out just thinking about it.
What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Your great Miriam!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
I haven't decided the location. Maybe Charleston SC. It would be painted white brick.
Favorite vacation spot?
Hilton Head SC, and Sea Grove Florida
What would you like to have in your hands right now?
coffee, I am tired.
What would you like to get rid of?
Junk, braces
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
One hour?!?! Thats not very long, but it would be neat to go on a safari.
Which language do you want to learn?
I agree: German, French, Italian (swedish and russian are neat too!)
What did you dream of last night?
In my dream I went to a marvelous yardsale and found some fish plates, an outfit for my cat, and a cameo necklace. It was a great dream only this little girl kept trying to steal it from me.....;)
Who do you want to meet in person?
Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Irene Dunne, annnnddd... My great grandfather.
One thing that you would snitch out of someone’s closet, with no regrets?
Nothing. I would have regrets.
What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?
Blue polo dress, gray sweater, cable knit sweaters, RL flip flops
What is your dream job?
Cake decorator, florist, mom, wife, and maybe a fashion designer.
If you had $100 now what would you spend it on?
hmmmmmm. Maybe a camera. (Or clothes)
Fashion pet peeve?
Uggs, hollister, abrocrombie.
Do you admire anyones style? whose?
My great grandmas, bloggers, sisters.
Describe your personal style:
Ummm classic preppy, retro, vintage, classy. Simple. warm/bright colours.
Now wasn't that fun!!;) If you would like to do it, copy & paste. You can say I gave it to you.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

uhhhhhh........ANy ideas on what to call this?? ;)

I will just have a brief summary of what I did yesterday, and two days ago.
My mom, Lauren and I toured UNCG. It is a nice college, with beautiful landscaping, and old buildings. They are supposed to have a good interior design program, thats what Lauren was considering majoring in. But she still is not sure. We ate our lunch at a place on campus called 'Yum Yums.' They only serve hot dogs, and homeade ice cream. The ice cream was divine, and the hotdog, delish!! I got mint chocolate chip, and MAN did they pile that ice cream on! I promise, it was about half a foot tall!! After eating lunch and going on the tour, we went to a really hippie-ish street, right off of campus. Ranom people with long hair and mohawks were laying beside the road, with dogs on top of them. I must say I saw MANY different styles. We went into a vintage clothing store and a jewlery shop. From the vintage store, I bought a ring.
It is really big and matches my purse. (check last post!;)

Yesterday some of our cousins came over. We went to the historic park (I mentioned it in another post!) and went through many toured buildings. The architecture was marvelous and the weather was great for walking around. We went to a bakery and my cousin bought some sugar cake!!! YUMMMM!!! After that we went home, started our homeade pizzas, and made an espresso. (cold, with whipped cream and ice. Oh and sugar!!:) Only we didn't know it was espresso so we were like "okay lets just stay up all night!! (half joking;) We didn't stay up that late but it was really fun!

My dad came home last night! So I made a frozen fruit salad. He will probably stay until Sunday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Book Shelf-

hmm......I need an exciting/intriguing book to read. Any ideas?? For school I am reading 'The Prince and the Pauper,' by Mark Twain. Its a good book, but I haven't gotten more than half of the way. After I am done with that I will need something else to work on. Maybe reading for over the summer.
Right now on my summer reading list I have-

Jane Eyre (I started it before school, and got almost half of it finished, but then school started and I didn't have time to finish it.)
Pride and Prejudice- seen the (6 hour) movie- I need to read the book!

The Great Gatsby- (Lauren really liked it- maybe I will to!;)

The Hidden Staircase Mystery- A Nancy Drew book. I have read this one, but not the old version! I found this book at an antique store. It is a first edition and is completely different from the new one.

A morbid Taste for Bones- Funny title. Do YOU have a morbid taste for bones!! hee hee..... Just kidding....

The Scarlet Letter-

As you can see I will be busy this summer! You will probably find me-

curled up in a retro chair

Sipping tea- preferably peppermint (iced)

and reading one of the books above.

Whats on your book shelf for the summer? Any recommendations for you to share with me? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear! Also which Pride and Prejudice movie do you like best? the six hour version or the new one? for me- the long one.

Psssst!!!!!! I know, I know this completely random but isn't this awesome!?!? I would just love to have that much cameo jewlery! ;)

Is it to random to say- I want an old fashioned type writter?? Okay I need to stop blogging.... I am rambling...........

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is here at last! My closet had been needing a good cleaning for a while. Since we have been getting our house ready to sell, things have accumulated in there, and I had not gone through my clothes to decide whether to keep or sell. So today was the day I got it done! When I got up lauren said something about cleaning closets, and I realized I was in the mood! I started by taking everything out. That was a chore. Next I went through and took out things I had not used in several months. I knew I would not miss them if they left. (side note- if you have to much stuff, try taking out about half- things you do not think you will miss, then put them in a plastic container and hide it for a while. If you don't miss it, you don't need it. ;) next I went through all my coat hangers and took out the old plastic ones that you get when you shop at Target. Those went into the garbage. I had mainly white coat hangers, so I kept those and started putting all the clothes back in. I color coded the shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets. (Color coded really helps me. I can locate a certain shirt much easier, and it is nice to have a rainbow of colors in your closet!) When I was nealy half way through Lauren, my mom and I went to Wal-mart. Wal-mart is the weird-est place ever. I can't describe it. We got some much needed groceries, and then looked at clothes/make-up/etc. We picked up 2 packs of white coat hangers for our closets, and the went down the shoe isle. I just LOVE the gummie shoes. Have you ever seen them? I don't know how comfy they would be, but when I have kids, mine will wear them!! hee hee....;) I bought my friend a birthday present, some sour patch kids, and a chicken bag. YUUMMMM!!!

When we got back, I finished my closet. Putting the rest of the clothes and shoes away. I think it turned out pretty neat, and you would never believe how much better it looks to have matching hangers!!!;)

I just had to show you a picture of my purse Lauren got me for my birthday. She actually found it at goodwill.Tonight Lauren and I watched a newer movie called 'My Sassy Girl.' It was a cute chick flick, only it had some 'iffy' conversations. It is now offically on my list of favorite new movies.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Last night my family and I went to an old historic sight. It has tons of gorgeous architecture, blooming flowers/trees, and lots of shops. We got to go inside an old printing shop, yarn shop, photography room, tin shop, and a lot of other interesting places. It felt great outside, so most of the time we walked around outside. Lauren got a neat picture of me through a large key hole. (maybe she will post a picture of it.) We were considering getting ice cream or bread and cheese at a store, but decided on going home and eating fried chicken, pasta, salad, asparagus and lime bars. Since my dad is leaving for training some time today, we wanted to have a nice meal, and a fun day.

PALM SUNDAY! Easter is almost here! I love Easter. Christ Resurrection. When I was little we went to the sunrise service several times. It was gorgeous outside. Then after that we would find some boulders to have a picnic breakfast on. I would like to go again, but I have a hard enough time as it is trying to get up at seven. ;)

this afternoon, my sisters and I are going to some friends house, to do their zip line. They have 4. two over their pond, one across their yard, and another older one. Since it is just starting to get warm, I do not think I will be dropping off in the pond today!;)

This week is my spring/easter break! I am so happy, and plan on spending my days- yardsailing, consignment store shopping, crafting, and cleaning. I CAN'T WAIT until summer! then I can do this every week! ;)

At Sunday school today we watched TV clips, anout a debate. The debate was on- Whether or not satan is real or not. The people debating were-

Chrsitians- Mark Driscoll, and Annie Lobert

Debating againist- Deepok Chopra (Opras advistor) and Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Deepok is competely againist believing in satan. He says it is just figment of our imagination and we invented him, to put all of our flaws on.

Mark Driscoll believes that satan is real.
So you can see how exciting of a debate it is! It isn't JUST about satan, it gets into bigger issues as well. Its kind of funny to watch Mark and Annies opponents, because they really do not seem to know what they are talking about, and keep on contradicting themselves. I think you can watch some of the clips on ABC face-off, does satan exsit

Pretty soon we will be leaving to go on the zip line!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Estate/ Yard Sales

This morning at around 8:00 my family and I went Estate/yard sailing! It was so much fun! We first started out by going to a multi family yard sale at a church. multi family yard sales are fun, because there are lots of little sections. And LOTS of stuff!! ;)

I found some vintage lacy hair bands. The lady said that basically everything on her table was 40 years old.

A light blue scarf and gloves set- The picture looks kind of like they are white, but I promise- they are not.

A vintage looking Fossil tin-
And some Burgundy flats-

Next we went to an estate sale. It was my first time ever going to one, but it was a blast. I plan on going yard sailing every Saturday.

I found a set of porcelain elephants which are really cute. An asian plate, and a really unique closinee bird.

Lauren got a bird too, only she is getting hers for Christmas. We did manage to get a picture of both of them though! (hers is on the left.)

There were so many things I would have LOVED to buy, but this estate sale was pretty expensive. (well compared to a regular yardsale it was.) There was this amazing hat box, and a bookend of a gold lion.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craving Spring

I had a marvelous weekend, and it all ended way to quickly! After my trip I had to start school again. Icky. Getting home from trips is always so depressing.

Anyways, today I babysat for Annie Catherine- one of the sweetest cutest two years old I think I have ever met!! I always love it when I can babysit for her! We played play-dough, watched 'Sid the Science Kid,' (has anyone seen it?? It seriously is weird. But Annie likes it sooo... anyhoo.) ate lunch, and dressed her up in a really cute outfit! I love dressing little kids up. It is so fun. So I was there from 10:00 AM until about 3:40 PM. It was long but she went down for a nap for 2 hours.

Lately I have been on a cooking craze. I LOVE COOKING! It's a blast. (its odd though, because I only really feel like cooking at night......hmmm....) Tonight I made a white cake, with whipped cream icing, and strawberries. Now that my friends is "spring" in your mouth. ;) Hopefully, when I get done with this post, we can eat it.... yuuuuummmmmm....

Annie Catherine's mom really inspired our family. She always has iced tea in her fridge. But not just 'iced tea' she has peppermint iced tea, gingerbread iced tea, etc. What she does is she makes her tea but substitutes 2 bags of regular tea for a flavored kind. (seasonal) Peppermint so far is my favorite, but Yesterday I made orange spice, and I must say it was pretty darn good!

The peppermint, is really refreshing cold. You should try it! ;) watch out though, you may just forget about the coffee! *Wink Wink*;)

I made banana nut bread yesterday as well. I didn't think I was a big fan of it, but it is pretty good! Now I want some....

I am craving spring. Just to be blunt. I hate this switch-y on and off weather. It is confusing. I was so happy early this week that we were having hot weather, but it changed and now it is humid slushy gunk. I like rain in the spring as long as it isn't humid.

In my last post, I talked about some things I found on my trip. We checked out a goodwill at the beach, and several other thrift stores as well as the Tanger outlets, and antique stores. So it was a nice variety! (which was VERY clean. I mean the floors literally sparkled, and the clothes were colour coded!!! MARVELOUS!!!;)

Here is a picture of my 1930's Nancy Drew book- (I already had two copies of this book but, it was to old and cheap to pass up. Plus this version is COMPLETELY different from the new version, so it is like reading a whole new book! Did you know that the Nancy Drew books were written by three different people over a period of time? The reason that this book is a different version is because 2 of teh people writing them decided that they didn't like the other persons version, so they re-wrote it! So there are at least three different versions of the same book, floating around somewhere in cyberspace.
Ugly yellow/green cable knit sweater-

Bird cage- Can you see the purple bird inside?

My old Valentines- I found both of the frames at goodwill, and the coloured card stock behind them are some pieces of paper I dyed.

The valentine on the left says- "Lettuce be valentines dear" and the one on the right says "No trouble A- Tall to be your Valentine" AWWWWW.....

A can of buttons- My hat-

Vinatge patterns- Hopefully I will find some frames to frame them in, (Lauren's idea!;) but until then I am keeping the with all my Nancy Drew books.Goodwill argyle sweater-

Sailor dress-

I also got a purple shirt, and some vintage bottle caps to make earrings out of.

I got my hair cut!!! I am still slightly in shock from it being so short, but I do like it.

See ya later! I am going to eat cake!;)