Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Last night my family and I went to an old historic sight. It has tons of gorgeous architecture, blooming flowers/trees, and lots of shops. We got to go inside an old printing shop, yarn shop, photography room, tin shop, and a lot of other interesting places. It felt great outside, so most of the time we walked around outside. Lauren got a neat picture of me through a large key hole. (maybe she will post a picture of it.) We were considering getting ice cream or bread and cheese at a store, but decided on going home and eating fried chicken, pasta, salad, asparagus and lime bars. Since my dad is leaving for training some time today, we wanted to have a nice meal, and a fun day.

PALM SUNDAY! Easter is almost here! I love Easter. Christ Resurrection. When I was little we went to the sunrise service several times. It was gorgeous outside. Then after that we would find some boulders to have a picnic breakfast on. I would like to go again, but I have a hard enough time as it is trying to get up at seven. ;)

this afternoon, my sisters and I are going to some friends house, to do their zip line. They have 4. two over their pond, one across their yard, and another older one. Since it is just starting to get warm, I do not think I will be dropping off in the pond today!;)

This week is my spring/easter break! I am so happy, and plan on spending my days- yardsailing, consignment store shopping, crafting, and cleaning. I CAN'T WAIT until summer! then I can do this every week! ;)

At Sunday school today we watched TV clips, anout a debate. The debate was on- Whether or not satan is real or not. The people debating were-

Chrsitians- Mark Driscoll, and Annie Lobert

Debating againist- Deepok Chopra (Opras advistor) and Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Deepok is competely againist believing in satan. He says it is just figment of our imagination and we invented him, to put all of our flaws on.

Mark Driscoll believes that satan is real.
So you can see how exciting of a debate it is! It isn't JUST about satan, it gets into bigger issues as well. Its kind of funny to watch Mark and Annies opponents, because they really do not seem to know what they are talking about, and keep on contradicting themselves. I think you can watch some of the clips on ABC face-off, does satan exsit

Pretty soon we will be leaving to go on the zip line!

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Lauren said...

Yea that debate was really interesting!