Monday, April 27, 2009

Prom Night, and alot of other random things!

Sorry for not posting in a while! I have been busy babysitting for two days. My family and I spent the night over at our friends house and took care of their precious 2 year old, Annie Catherine.

Saturday night was the prom. The theme was 'moonlight in Paris,' and thanks heavens they didn't use cardboard decorations! (last year I think it was 'enchanted forest' and there were cardboard fairies. How cheesy can ya get people?!?!?) It was all really pretty. There were candles, Eiffel towers, flowers, and a nice dance floor.

At 5:00 PM one of the moms served us a nice dinner at their house. She had a delish coffee bar, (WITH SUGAR CUBES!!! ill take two please. ;) chocolate covered espresso beans, (uuummmm uummm good! possibilities!) and cinnamon and cocoa powder to put in it. She also served us a key lime cheese ball with graham crackers. It was cream cheese, lime and some other things, but it was OH so good!

Prom started at 7:00 PM and lasted until 11:00 PM. I only got to stay until 9:00......It wasn't because I wasn't aloud too, but I got sick. I think it might be REALLLY bad allergies, or a virus.... No fuN! And I didn't get a rose! All the girls who went were supposed to get one when it was over, but since I had to leave early I didn't get one. Oh well.

They played some cute old music, and we did some swing dancing!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Most of the music they played wasn't my favorite, (except for the old stuff) but it was fine. I saw a lot of people I knew, including several people from my class this year and last year, as well as some friends, and my language arts teacher!!

I GOT A PEDICURE!!!! hip hip... HOORAY!!! It is the same peach-y colour as my dress. (I will show some pictures of my dress on the next post.) It was really fun. First time ever.
okay, on to another topic!
I went to a smoothie shop and I heard this mom say too her 10/11 year old son-

"I need to go get something so stay here and open the door for people."

son- "okay"

then I came up and he opened the door for me, and I was like- "thanks!" and I started going in, then about halfway through he said- "I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS!!!!!!" (super enthusiastically, almost screaming it! ;) At first i thought he was trying to trick me or something, (You know how little boys are) because I did not remember putting on earrings. But I smiled really big and said thank you. That just made my day! (I DID have on earrings) and what made it better was that I had made them!!! he he!

My history presentation is almost finished!! YEA!!! (actually the presentation is done and so is my paper, I just have to start practicing more. And basically memorize it. oh the joy.

Lauren went yard sailing with a friend on Saturday and bought me and Abby a purse. I LOVE IT!!!!



abby said...

you are hiliarious! I love the smoothie story. HEHE:) That stinks that you didn't get to stay for the whole prom... I'm so sorry you got sick! We'll have to make sure you don't get sick next year.


Lauren said...

love the pedicure and the purse!! funny story!

Millie said...

man thats stinks the you didnt felll 100 0/0
thats not fun!
cool purse!!!!!

Liz said...

What a cute story! So sorry you didnt feel well!