Monday, March 30, 2009


I went to my grandma's cabin with my family from Monday until Saturday. It was a blast! we went canoeing, antique shopping, and did a lot of other random things. My grandma just added on to her cabin so she just moved her things in. We got to do some decorating, and re-arranging. Here is the fire place. She painted the walls a soft coffee colour. Around her property are fields of cotton, and long horned cattle. I thought this picture was pretty cool! While we were canoeing we spotted this really big turtle. I have no clue what kind it is, but take note of the claws! YIKES!

It is prolly just a regular turtle, but it was pretty big! ;)

Antique shopping was great! I got......

A can of old buttons

Old hat

White and navy sailor dress

Ugly yellow (the colour!) cable knit sweater

argyle sweater

Purple Ralph Lauren shirt ON SALE!!!!

Old Valentines

A pink necklace (I split with Lauren)

A bird cage

It was so much! I LOVE ANTIQUES! (although some of things listed above are not)

All of the architecture is GOREGOUS!!!

Isn't this bed spread neat!?!?!

I took this picture while we were sitting in the car and think it turned out pretty cool!

All of the antique stores had cats! here is one that was really sweet! ;)

Isnt this picture AWESOME!????! A vintage bride. AWWWWW....


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Monday, March 23, 2009


  • sickness
  • Cleaning like crazy
  • packing

That is what I have been busy with. We are leaving tonight to go up to my grandmas cabin for several nights, and after that to the beach. I am excited just stressed. My morning went like this- Doctors appointment at 7:45, go to office depot( buy book for fashion/interior design notebook), CVS to pick prescription, home. Now that isn't very crazy. Now is it? But at 10:30 the carpet cleaning guys came over, (They really worked magic with our carpet. ) and at 11:30 ish we got a call that a couple were coming over in a hour to view our house. ( the lady was blind and was going to take 2 hours walking around) Now that would have been just fine only, the carpet men were still here-carpet is wet, house is a complete mess because we took everything out of the closets, (so the guys could clean inside them) and had been packing. In one hour we had to clean the whole house. And when you know people are coming over to view a house, you start cleaning in the random-est places. But thankfully, are good friend, Maddie, came over and helped rescue us from disaster. We got it cleaned up and then we had to leave the house. I hope it went OK. We haven't heard back from anyone yet.

Soooo, to sum things up a bit, I will not be posting for a while since I will be gone, but I look forward to coming back and reading all of your sweet comments! ;) I will try and do a nice long post if I have the time, and hopefully include lots of pictures. ;0


Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been really bummed for the past few days. On Thursday I got the stomach flu. The next day- being Friday I had to miss class. Now that was bad enough because now I do not have much clue of what I have to do this week, but also.....My trip was Friday! I was so annoyed! My bags were packed and everyhting. But instead I got to stay home and sleep for 24 hours. Exciting.com....... Enough of that. I am feeling better.

Since I have laid in bed for so long, I realized I had been coming up with lots of good ideas. 'Oh I need to add _______to my school paper." "look my carpet needs vaccuming." "I should make a fashion interior deisgn book." Only I couldn't work on them because I felt to weak. But today I got to! I started my fashion/interior design notebook. Since I just started I haven't gotten very far, but my idea was to just put magazine clippings/quotes/pics into it. then when I am older I could look back and be like- that is so cool! (I hope my style doesn't change when I get older.;)

Anyways, to go along with that I made some coloured paper. I know, I could have used construction paper, but the colours are so....Primary... Soooo, I got a tray and put 1/2 an inch of water in it, then put drops of food colouring in it. All you have to do is lay the paper in the water, then flip it and pull it out- letting it drip for a couple seconds.

how to make a swirl-

  • take your pan, fill it about 1/2 an inch with water.

  • add one colour of food colouring. stir it.

  • then take another colour and put several drops in- without stirring.

  • Take your paper and soak it.

  • Then pull it out

It made really neat swirls all over the paper, and it reminds me of an orange cream sicle. (I made mine orange and red.) I will take some pictures of the paper later.

I was searching on line for something Nancy Drew. I googled- 'Nancy Drew charm bracelet.' Here is what came up.

I really like it. It used to be for sale on eBay, but it was removed. I am trying to find a way to contact the owner, and see if he/she would still like to sell it. If you find anyone who has one like it, let me know!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

♥The Thursday Evening Post♥

Wednesday past by in sort of a blur. Lauren stayed home from school, and that really set me off track. When one of my sisters are off, I feel like I should be off as well, so I slack of on the school. Not very good. Then you have an over load the next day. And since I was off track Lauren and I watched an old 1930's movie- Roberta. Starring Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, and another guy. Forgot his name. It was really cute, and was about a dress shop, whose owner died, and left to her nephew. Anyways I will not ruin it for you, but I would recommend it. Plus it had adorable clothes, lots of dancing and much much more!

We had tons (only two, but that was plenty!) of repair men at our house yesterday. In general, I do not like repair men. Especially plumbers. Icky. They ALWAYS wear their pants really low, have tons of tattoos, and smoke.

So after they left, my mom Lauren, and I went to Tar-Jay. LOVE that place! I was in search of some Pajamas. I had been eyeing some on line, but it said they were not at the store. I was really disappointed. But I did find some blue fishy Pj's that are pretty cute. We looked at the clock and noticed we were late for Wednesday night church, so we had to leave. As we were getting inside the car Lauren said "Why didn't you get the green Pajamas you wanted?" "They didn't have them." "yes they did" "WHAT!" but we had to leave and I couldn't get them.
After church we went back to Target and I exchanged them!! YIPPEE!!! I don't know if you an tell in this picture, but they are pink and green with birds and bird cages all over them. I am super excited. (don't ask me why;)
I found this swimsuit, I really like it! love the retro old fashioned-ness of it all.
Today, I was finishing up school and packing for my over night trip. I am really excited and hope it will go well. Please pray for me!

I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies several minutes ago, and they are cooling right now. lately I have been very hungry for something sweet. ;)

§ i don't know what I pressed but this swirly thing is pretty cool! ;) he he. I am easily amused...

I AM READY FOR SPRING! I am ready for flowers-

I am ready for spring fashion-
I am ready for Swimming-

Good GRIEF! I just googled "swimming" heres what came up-

Just a regular swimming day in- Japan. I could never handle this.
And I am ready for O so much more, only I need to go to my cake decorating class!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!! How has this holiday been for you? Well for me, it was just babysitting. All. Day. Long. I am really tired right now. I did manage to put on GREEN though!

So here is a quick tribute to the colour green- and Saint Patricks Day!


Green HydrangeasGreen Dress


Green Lilly dress

Emeralds. Oh La la!!


Ice Cream


green grass
Green and Pink notebook

Thats it! I know, this wedding dress is completely random but I thought it was pretty cute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

From water falls to, snakes, to cats, to trees. A random post about basically everything! ;)

A couple of post ago, I told you about how we went on a quick hike. here is a picture of the waterfall! It was GORGEOUS!!! This is just like one hundreth of it. It was REALLY LONG!!!

Some time early last week, my dad and I found a bird. Actually LUCY found the poor birdy. Either she MAJORLY scared him to death (literally LUCYYYYYY!!!) or she hurt him. It was the most precious little blue bird. It really looked like God had placed finger prints on its wings.
Long story short, I thought it was okay because it looked better- just scared. We snapped some pictures, but the next day. It died. I was soooo upset!

anyhoo, Here are some of my favorite pictures of it.

Just to keep you busy and waste your time :0 here are a couple more pictures of wildlife! ;)

OUR PEACH TREES BLOOMED!! they are gorgeous, to the TENTH power!!!!

My dad planted them around 1-2 years ago. So nooo peaches yet! but maybe in a couple years! (If we are even here then!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR...................)

Changing the subject a little-

I was vacuuming the car on Thursday- 'la la la la laaaaa.' I got really far underneath the car seat and I almost screamed bloody murder. Only- when I am scared I freeze.

There staring straight at me only a foot away, was a SNAKE!!!! now I am fine with them as long as they don't get in my way, or vise versa.

I debated whether or not somebody was trying to play a trick on me, (I have no brothers, and had never seen this snake at our house. Still have no clue where it came from!) and came to the conclusion- It was a fake.

I know I know, it looks super fake, but not at the time! ;) It was just lodged in the perfect place-at the wrong time. And I still don't have the nerve to pull it out from underneath the seat. SO my conclusion- As long as it doesn't bother me, I am leaving it under the seat.

Little- Not exactly 'wild life' but we were spoiling her yesterday and she stayed inside ALL day long. Little's an outdoor cat, so it was a big deal for her! ;) (little rascal, we left her BRAND NEW bag of unopened cat food on the porch and when we came back... We had a suprise. Only now I can't say it hasn't been opened. The little smart-y pants ripped open the bag and was enjoying the feast of her life!;)

Quick pic- here are my new flip flops!

hope you are having a WONDERFUL Sunday!



Well, today we went to my grandmas house for lunch, after church. She is such an excellent cook.
- Roast Beef
-Baked potato's
-Pineapple upside down cake (never tried it before until today, but it was very lovely!)

And that is what we feasted on. She has given me lots of her recipes, but they are NEVER like hers. A grandmas touch I suppose! ;)

My aunt, uncle and one of my cousins came over for dessert, and we just sat around talked and ate. But it was lots of fun.

Gran Gran has these jewelry boxes filled with old necklaces, brooch's, earrings, rings you name it!
Lots of times when we go to our house we say "Gran Gran can we get out your jewelry boxes?" We love setting them up and making "jewelry stores" A grandmas house is so unique. Is there a special memory you have over at grandmas? I'd love to hear!

Right now I am pretty tired because I have been to two sleepover two nights in a row. Last night we had our life long friends over( www.miriamelise.blogspot.com) for dinner. My mom made chili and corn bread, and they brought salad. It was really fun. After that we had a sleep over at their house, which was really exciting. THEY JUST GOT THE NEW MAC COMPUTER!!! I can now officially say "I am in love!;)" that thing is so dang organized (which I love) has so many neat features (PHOTO SHOP!!!!! :) and is super fast! I am trying to convince my dad. My mom is all for it. I would actually rather that than a TV. I mean we have one but it is super tiny (like small microwave tiny) and is like 10 feet wide. not really but it is jumbo sized. (not in a good way) I wouldn't mind it as much if it didn't have a blurry picture. On Bushes last speech he would change colours. First purple, then green stripped, then alien yellow, half way normal, and tHEN all of the above. Combined. I must admit- it made things interesting! ;) I am actually not a Tv person. My whole family isn't either. We are more of Netflix people. BUT-on hulu and netflix you can watch some shows on your computer! LOVVE IT!♥

anyways enough of that. My second sleepver was at our house. Abby had a friend over my I ended up being in the same room with them.

My sisters and I have been watching Lilly Pulitizer/Martha Stewart shows online. I love lilly! she has such cute refreshing prints.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiddy Cook Book

Some time last year, I was helping my grandma clean out her pantry and get rid of cook books she never used. She gave me a cook book, for little kids, called "Cooking For Little Chefs."

It has such ADORABLE illustrations and is different from other cook books. Here is one page out of it.

Chocolate Nut Drop Cookies

I wish ALL cook books showed pictures of the measurements!

Sorry about the pages being blurry.

March 12th was my sister, Lauren's, 17th BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTDHAY LAUREN!!! My sister, Abby, and I ordered her some 'Ralph Lauren Rocks' Perfume. Hopefully it will come soon. Heres an Acrostic for your name Lauren!

L- Lovable

A- AWESOME oldest sister

U- Unique

R- Really friendly

E- Enjoys Style

N- Narnin- My nickname for her when I was really little!! ;)


Gargoyles- Completely different topic but I love em! (well some of them at least, not the creepy faced naked things! ;0)

But our friends have this lion on either side of their door.

Isn't it neat?!? I have heard before that they are supposed to keep bad 'spirits' from entering the house, BUT I do not believe in that stuff I just think that are unique.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring maddness

SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY SPRUNG!!! (wait until my next post when it will prolly snow! ;)
I LOOOOVE IT! I have gone for night walks, watched episdoes of 'I dream of Jeannie,' played with my dog, picked flowers, put on summer clothes and rode a zip line!

Isn't it just wonderful!???!?!

Two days ago (something like that) I went to TJ maxx. I love that store! They re-arranged everything and got in a lot of summer clothes. My real intention of going was to buy a wallet. I found a really cute Kenneth Cole wallet for $60.00 but I didn't get it. price problems.. I think I will try target. Anyways I bought a Polo Ralph Lauren dress and some black Ralph Lauren flip flops. Which I love! I have never owned any fabric-ish flip flops. Only plastic ones so it was exciting to get some that will actually last past the summer!

My sisters and I also went to a friends house. They have this HUGE zip line that is really fun. Actually not just one zip line but 2- one over the pond and another really long one. They were so much fun!!!! And on the one over the pond, you could drop off when ever you wanted to! Image, me talking about dropping off in a pond after it snowed LESS than a week ago! very odd. But I'm still lovin it!

Today my mom and I worked on packing. it's no fun. moving. We have been at this house 3 years. Although I remember very clearly the first week we lived here....sigh.... It doesn't seem long at all. We are having lots of repairs done on our house, and my dad has washed the whole entire outside of the house as well as painted places that needed an extra coat.

Yesterday my family and I went to the mountains for a hike too a water fall. it was gorgeous outside and not a long hike. Only 0.6 of a mile. It was loverly to sit in the car for that period of time. The ride up was really windy and we rode most of the way there with the windows down.

Yesterday night Lauren and I went babysitting for our home group. There were only three kids so it wasn't bad at all. We watched some of 'Madagascar 2' and played shrek games.

Well what have you done over this nice vacation from winter? (I hope this vacation doesn't end for a while!;)

Love these flip flops! So beachy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cooking for Real

Whats a girl gonna do when she is sick and hungry? Why watch the food chanel of course! (by the way, I am almost over it!!! YIPPEE!)

For some strange reason I am a huge fan of the food chanel. My family does not have cable but we do have a computer. (evidently!;) Anyways we found out about Hulu, an online sight where you can watch videos annnnnd COOKING SHOWS!!!!

I recently found out about a cooking show called- 'Cooking for Real.' STARRING- Sunny Anderson!!!
Heres one 5 minute dessert. Open-faced plum tart.


I love plums but not figs... Maybe I could use a substitute!

Anyhoooo.... I checked on my tulips and they are fine! (my igloo isn't) I decided to transplant one of them into a glass container. You know, so you can see through into the bulb. It turned out really neat and I am hoping I will not kill it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Hint of Spring

Well, I was wrong. It is not a sinus infection or cold. Its the flu. And HOPEFULLY today and tomorrow are the last days. But enough about sickness.

Several days ago I looked out at our garden, and to my excitment, I had about 5 inches of tulips popping up!!! I planted them three years ago and get excited whenever they come up. But then a couple days later.. It snowed.. man I wish the weathered had not fooled them! maybe there is still hope.
I am ready for spring! spring-colors, clothes, parties, flowers!!!! So this post is entirely about cute spring-summer things I found online.

To begin.....

I LOVE THIS SWIMSUIT! this describes
spring! Notice the adorable bow, and fringe. Think about THIS with a floppy sunhat........ Isn't the colour refreshing?

A peacock PLATE!!!

Who WOULDN'T want to have a

tea party with these?

This is a drawer handle. I love the 'coral' look!

I also really want this dog. I found him online as well! he he! (Maybe I could just borrow MABEL! at Mabel's house...) (link on my sidebar.)
I always wanted a schnauzer!

Well hope you enjoyed- A hint of spring!'
Yesterday, my grandma was so sweet and brought my mom and I some Delish chicken, tomato, dill soup. ANNNNND, a cherry cheese cake! O it was so good! I would have taken pictures but uhhh... To late! more than half is gone! My grandma is the best cook. Shes my inspiration.