Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, today we went to my grandmas house for lunch, after church. She is such an excellent cook.
- Roast Beef
-Baked potato's
-Pineapple upside down cake (never tried it before until today, but it was very lovely!)

And that is what we feasted on. She has given me lots of her recipes, but they are NEVER like hers. A grandmas touch I suppose! ;)

My aunt, uncle and one of my cousins came over for dessert, and we just sat around talked and ate. But it was lots of fun.

Gran Gran has these jewelry boxes filled with old necklaces, brooch's, earrings, rings you name it!
Lots of times when we go to our house we say "Gran Gran can we get out your jewelry boxes?" We love setting them up and making "jewelry stores" A grandmas house is so unique. Is there a special memory you have over at grandmas? I'd love to hear!

Right now I am pretty tired because I have been to two sleepover two nights in a row. Last night we had our life long friends over( www.miriamelise.blogspot.com) for dinner. My mom made chili and corn bread, and they brought salad. It was really fun. After that we had a sleep over at their house, which was really exciting. THEY JUST GOT THE NEW MAC COMPUTER!!! I can now officially say "I am in love!;)" that thing is so dang organized (which I love) has so many neat features (PHOTO SHOP!!!!! :) and is super fast! I am trying to convince my dad. My mom is all for it. I would actually rather that than a TV. I mean we have one but it is super tiny (like small microwave tiny) and is like 10 feet wide. not really but it is jumbo sized. (not in a good way) I wouldn't mind it as much if it didn't have a blurry picture. On Bushes last speech he would change colours. First purple, then green stripped, then alien yellow, half way normal, and tHEN all of the above. Combined. I must admit- it made things interesting! ;) I am actually not a Tv person. My whole family isn't either. We are more of Netflix people. BUT-on hulu and netflix you can watch some shows on your computer! LOVVE IT!♥

anyways enough of that. My second sleepver was at our house. Abby had a friend over my I ended up being in the same room with them.

My sisters and I have been watching Lilly Pulitizer/Martha Stewart shows online. I love lilly! she has such cute refreshing prints.


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