Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring maddness

SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY SPRUNG!!! (wait until my next post when it will prolly snow! ;)
I LOOOOVE IT! I have gone for night walks, watched episdoes of 'I dream of Jeannie,' played with my dog, picked flowers, put on summer clothes and rode a zip line!

Isn't it just wonderful!???!?!

Two days ago (something like that) I went to TJ maxx. I love that store! They re-arranged everything and got in a lot of summer clothes. My real intention of going was to buy a wallet. I found a really cute Kenneth Cole wallet for $60.00 but I didn't get it. price problems.. I think I will try target. Anyways I bought a Polo Ralph Lauren dress and some black Ralph Lauren flip flops. Which I love! I have never owned any fabric-ish flip flops. Only plastic ones so it was exciting to get some that will actually last past the summer!

My sisters and I also went to a friends house. They have this HUGE zip line that is really fun. Actually not just one zip line but 2- one over the pond and another really long one. They were so much fun!!!! And on the one over the pond, you could drop off when ever you wanted to! Image, me talking about dropping off in a pond after it snowed LESS than a week ago! very odd. But I'm still lovin it!

Today my mom and I worked on packing. it's no fun. moving. We have been at this house 3 years. Although I remember very clearly the first week we lived here....sigh.... It doesn't seem long at all. We are having lots of repairs done on our house, and my dad has washed the whole entire outside of the house as well as painted places that needed an extra coat.

Yesterday my family and I went to the mountains for a hike too a water fall. it was gorgeous outside and not a long hike. Only 0.6 of a mile. It was loverly to sit in the car for that period of time. The ride up was really windy and we rode most of the way there with the windows down.

Yesterday night Lauren and I went babysitting for our home group. There were only three kids so it wasn't bad at all. We watched some of 'Madagascar 2' and played shrek games.

Well what have you done over this nice vacation from winter? (I hope this vacation doesn't end for a while!;)

Love these flip flops! So beachy!


Mimi Elise said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Its supposed to be 35 degrees Friday!! yikes!

Lauren said...

I don't want to move! Ahhhh :( and yea I heard the same thing about how its gonna get cold. wahhh. :( maybe spring hasn't fully sprung!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Spring? How about summer? How are you doing with daylight savings time?

Caroline said...

amanda- Summer woudl be great to.. But my favorite seasons are prolly spring and fall. What about you? as for daylights savings....I keep on sleeping in!! ;)