Monday, March 2, 2009

Walking In a Winter Wonderland........

So whatever happened with- 'Its almost spring!'???? Well I guess spring will come soon enough.

I woke up to FOUR inches of fluffy goodness!! And a sinus infection. Icky. Ick. Ick. (which came with four extras attached for ABSOLUTELY free.)

-Bad headache

-stomach ache

-sore back

-sore throat

It wasn't very exciting. But thanks to nurse mommy she got me feeling better after-

A back rub, 2 different kinds of medicine, Vick's vapor rub, humidifier, and breathing steam...... He he.... But It worked!

About 10:30 my dad and I went outside and started making my cat an igloo.... (no OF COURSE SHE IS NOT SPOILED!!!!!) We have this nifty snow packer thing-y, that makes large rectangles. Here is how it turned out!

Little wasn't so thrilled about getting her paws dirty, but at least she got in it, and sniffed around!! ;)
It turned out pretty cute!
But noooooo, we didn't stop there! On to making and igloo, my sisters and I could fit in! It took almost all afternoon and we finished around 4 o-Clock. We were so stinkin tired.. But our work paid off!
I felt like such an Eskimo! ;) WE had a regular snow village going on at our house today!
It is gorgeous inside!! And it is such a wind breaker. It wasn't at all cold in there!

This is the inside. Yep- 13 layers. Took FOREVER!

The trees looked pretty. And it was extremely windy outside, but the snow on the trees didn't blow off because it was frozen on!

Lucy loved playing in the snow, and was constantly eating whatever we put together ;) Notice her ear! ;)
PSSSTT! I thought it was really funny that no one commented on rhett and link either time I did a post on it. I hope I didn't scare away bloggers!;0


Lauren said...

the picture of you and little is cute!

Mimi Elise said...

omg! how did u make a igloo??? so unfare!!!!!!!!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

WOW! I am totally impressed with the igloo!

Natalie said...

Heehee, the picture of you and the cat in the igloo made me laugh! :)

Very cool igloo!!

Hmm...well, I like the Rhett and Link video. I like that presidential movie one a lot.

pink cupcake vintage said...

shut up! that igloo is my jam!

Sweet Simplicity said...

An igloo?!? That is so cool!!

Hollie said...

that igloo is awesome! how in the world did you do it?
super cute pics!!