Thursday, July 30, 2009

On my Movie Queue

Julie & Julia- Sounds completely adorable and is based on 2 true stories!

Legally Blondes- Cousins of Elle Woods, (from Legally Blonde)& moving from London to California. Major Chick Flick!

The Nannie Diaries- The tale of a Nannie and her adventures

Bedtime Stories- I just saw it and COMPLETELY LOVED it!

Have you seen any movies that you would recommend?


P.S I found this video last night with Lauren. Its a spoof on a snuggie.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prep for FALL!!!! ;)

Monograms and Manicures is having a way out of this world fall SWAP! YAY!!! Hopefully I can participate! SO head on over and check it out!!



Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have succumbed to peer pressure. I bought the bumpits. (!!YAY!!!!) (and I now have- BIG HAPPIE HAIR!!)

After countless times of looking on youtube, and trying to figure out how they worked, reading reviews, and looking at other bloggers posts on them, I just had to get them! ;)

They actually do work really well. They do take some 'getting used to,' though. One other thing (before you rush out to buy them) I can't get my hair to look right with head bands. It kind of 'smashes' the pouf, and you can really tell you have a piece of plastic in your hair. Has anyone else had sucess with head bands and bumpits? Maybe I am just doing it wrong! ;)

Tip- unstead of paying $19.99 (Plus shipping) go to walgreens. They have them for $10.00. The set includes-
1 mini bumpit
1 medium bumpit
1 hollywood bumpit
1 comb
plus instructions

So did YOU fall for this newhair piece?


If you have the bumpits, here are several videos that helped me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Costa Rica

My oldest sister- Lauren, is coming home from her missions trip to Costa Rica today! YAY!!
Please pray that her traveling goes well and that she comes home safely!

Psst- Scroll down to the next post- I know, two post in one day!!! ;)

100th POST!!

Today is my 100th post! YIPPIEEE!! I am so glad I started blogging. I have made new bloggy friends, & been inspired countless times. So- THANK-YOU, for your lovely comments and thoughful words. You guys have blessed me so much!
So keep the comments and Inspirations coming!!


pssst- My hundredth post snuck up on me and I didn't realize it, so I have no give-away planned! Sorry! But maybe on my 200th post! Stay tunned........

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fashion Inspirations

Don't you just love walking into a store that says your name all over it? Well thats what I feel when I walk into Banana Republic, or J. Crew. They both have a classic look. Something that is timeless and never goes out of style. (Like Brooks Brothers, or Talbots)

I think this cardigan, (I wouldn't wear it with the belt) and this skirt with the thick waist, are really cute! We went to Banana republic and tried on outfits. Mine was this (Above) with a black flower head band, flats, and a clutch. Don't you just love trying things on that you know you can't afford????!?!? Or is that just me? ;)

Is there any store that screams YOUR name, and that you just love looking around in?

Recently I just saw the movies "Confessions of a Shop Aholic," and "Legally Blonde." Both movies were completely ADORABLE! I would so be friends with Rebecca Bloomwood, and Elle Woods!! They are so sweet and innocent! I am in a major chick-flick phase... he he!

Yesterday my Gran-Gran, took me and Abby to an old gold mine. We went panning, and I found a spec of GOLD!! I AM NOW OFFICALLY RICH!! Hardly.... ;0 It was still really fun though!

We also got to go insde an old mine, which is not used any more. We were over 50 feet under ground (Creepy!!)

There was a really interesting story about the mine. It went something like this-

"Once there was a 12 year old boy who was playing in a creek and found a large rock, weighing 17 punds. He thought it was a pretty colour, so brought it home and used it as a door stop for three years. When he was 15 (?) he took it down town and asked some one how much it was worth, the man said it was not worth anything, but the boy kept it. Once more he went to town and asked a jeweler how much it was worth, the jeweler recognized it as gold and asked how much he wanted to sell it for. The boy didn't know how much it was worth so he decided to sell it for $3.50- a usual farmers wages in a week. The man readily bought it. Several years past and the boy went to another jewleler and found out that his worthless 'rock' could have been sold for $3, 600- alot more than it was bought from him for. He went and looked for more rocks like the previous one. He found a ton more, and it was soon called the potato patch, because gold was found buy the bushel. They were the size of potatos, and were found just as easily. Later a gold mine was constructed and named after the boy."

I thought it was an interesting story and thought I would share!

Have a lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today I am going to be a mothers helper for some of my favorite people! The Sanders.

Mrs. Sanders is AMAZING!!! She has 3 hilarious/sweet kids- Ben, Luke, and Elizabeth.

Mrs. Sanders is so enthusiastic, and encouraging. Even if you just straighten up a room- she is thrilled! (When I am a mothers helper I clean and organize the house, and sometimes I play with the kids.) Mr. Sanders is really nice to. He is one of our intern pastors at our church.

Anyways, going over there is like going to a friends house. I always look forward to babysitting for them, and this will be the first time I have in over a month!


psst.... Doesn't a relaxed mother make babysitting sooo much eaiser?! ;0

Friday, July 10, 2009

I have not posted in for-EVER, so stick with me while I try and re-call what has happened! (This should be interesting!;)

__________ was a fun place visit. There were lots of things that they do not have in my home town. Well- we are home now!! I am so excited to go to my own church, see my friends, and sleep in my OWN bed. Its nice.

July 3rd-

WE WENT WATER SKIING!!! AHHHHH!! I can not even begin to tell you how much fun it was! ANNNNNND, suprise suprise...... I stayed up! YIPPIE SKIPPIE!! We had lunch beside the lake, and we sat and talked. The people who took us are EXCELLENT at water skiing. Their whole family is- in fact they water ski with out ski's. barefoot!!! I need an explantation!!! ;) They also ski with skis, (thank heavens) and holding on to the rope with their mouth. Ill have to pass on that one.

The 4th

We did not go see fire works. The fireworks came and saw us! What I mean is- two apartments down from ours people were setting off fireworks, across the road from us people were setting off fireworks, and on top of the moutain across from us people were setting off fireworks! So you could basically turn all the way around and see fireworks! In the morning we went to go see a cheesy parade, and that evening we watched 'How Green was my Valley."

Tuesday we were traveling back home.

From the past few days I have gone to my friend, Marias house and did zip-lines, organized my bedroom, played with my kitty, (Whom I missed very much!) tried to get Lauren packed for her missions trip, (tomorrow at 2 AM. AND I THOUGHT 4 AM WAS BAD!) and tonight we are going to a friends house for dinner!!
New shoes!
I got gladiators, from wally world!! YAY! They were only ten buck-a-roos, but I just looked for a picture a minute ago and they have been marked down to $7!! Don't you hate it when you miss a deal!??!!?! Oh well, I still like them!