Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fashion Inspirations

Don't you just love walking into a store that says your name all over it? Well thats what I feel when I walk into Banana Republic, or J. Crew. They both have a classic look. Something that is timeless and never goes out of style. (Like Brooks Brothers, or Talbots)

I think this cardigan, (I wouldn't wear it with the belt) and this skirt with the thick waist, are really cute! We went to Banana republic and tried on outfits. Mine was this (Above) with a black flower head band, flats, and a clutch. Don't you just love trying things on that you know you can't afford????!?!? Or is that just me? ;)

Is there any store that screams YOUR name, and that you just love looking around in?

Recently I just saw the movies "Confessions of a Shop Aholic," and "Legally Blonde." Both movies were completely ADORABLE! I would so be friends with Rebecca Bloomwood, and Elle Woods!! They are so sweet and innocent! I am in a major chick-flick phase... he he!

Yesterday my Gran-Gran, took me and Abby to an old gold mine. We went panning, and I found a spec of GOLD!! I AM NOW OFFICALLY RICH!! Hardly.... ;0 It was still really fun though!

We also got to go insde an old mine, which is not used any more. We were over 50 feet under ground (Creepy!!)

There was a really interesting story about the mine. It went something like this-

"Once there was a 12 year old boy who was playing in a creek and found a large rock, weighing 17 punds. He thought it was a pretty colour, so brought it home and used it as a door stop for three years. When he was 15 (?) he took it down town and asked some one how much it was worth, the man said it was not worth anything, but the boy kept it. Once more he went to town and asked a jeweler how much it was worth, the jeweler recognized it as gold and asked how much he wanted to sell it for. The boy didn't know how much it was worth so he decided to sell it for $3.50- a usual farmers wages in a week. The man readily bought it. Several years past and the boy went to another jewleler and found out that his worthless 'rock' could have been sold for $3, 600- alot more than it was bought from him for. He went and looked for more rocks like the previous one. He found a ton more, and it was soon called the potato patch, because gold was found buy the bushel. They were the size of potatos, and were found just as easily. Later a gold mine was constructed and named after the boy."

I thought it was an interesting story and thought I would share!

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story, I need one of those potato patches so I can get me that great skirt you picture above there :)

I read Confessions of a Shopoholic while on vacation in February, I loved it, the character is so lovable, I identified with her right away. Actually just today, we got in the mail (Netflix) the movie, so might watch that tonight.

I loved Legally Blonde. I think there's a Legally Blonde 2, havent' seen it tho.