Friday, July 10, 2009

I have not posted in for-EVER, so stick with me while I try and re-call what has happened! (This should be interesting!;)

__________ was a fun place visit. There were lots of things that they do not have in my home town. Well- we are home now!! I am so excited to go to my own church, see my friends, and sleep in my OWN bed. Its nice.

July 3rd-

WE WENT WATER SKIING!!! AHHHHH!! I can not even begin to tell you how much fun it was! ANNNNNND, suprise suprise...... I stayed up! YIPPIE SKIPPIE!! We had lunch beside the lake, and we sat and talked. The people who took us are EXCELLENT at water skiing. Their whole family is- in fact they water ski with out ski's. barefoot!!! I need an explantation!!! ;) They also ski with skis, (thank heavens) and holding on to the rope with their mouth. Ill have to pass on that one.

The 4th

We did not go see fire works. The fireworks came and saw us! What I mean is- two apartments down from ours people were setting off fireworks, across the road from us people were setting off fireworks, and on top of the moutain across from us people were setting off fireworks! So you could basically turn all the way around and see fireworks! In the morning we went to go see a cheesy parade, and that evening we watched 'How Green was my Valley."

Tuesday we were traveling back home.

From the past few days I have gone to my friend, Marias house and did zip-lines, organized my bedroom, played with my kitty, (Whom I missed very much!) tried to get Lauren packed for her missions trip, (tomorrow at 2 AM. AND I THOUGHT 4 AM WAS BAD!) and tonight we are going to a friends house for dinner!!
New shoes!
I got gladiators, from wally world!! YAY! They were only ten buck-a-roos, but I just looked for a picture a minute ago and they have been marked down to $7!! Don't you hate it when you miss a deal!??!!?! Oh well, I still like them!


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Anonymous said...

Eeeeek, with their teeth (??!!)

I love your new sandals, great deal, ah well, probably when they went down to $7 they were out of your size :)

Sounds like a fun time you had, I miss my kitty...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, so you want an Apple, what kind of computer do you have now? I'm not cool enough to get an Apple :D