Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A is for.......Art Galleries... and Aviaries.....

Saturday my family, my grandma and I went to an aviary. My first aviary to be exact. There were so many colorful birds, and a slow sloth. I have discovered that birds scare me. Not flamingos, or toucans or cute little backyard birds that sing outside of your window, but ravens, and crows, and creepy birds like that. (I do not think it would be a good idea to watch Alfred Hitchcock's movie 'The birds." ;) But-needless to say- I enjoyed myself!
Yesterday my mom, Lauren, Abby, my Gran-Gran, and myself went to an Art Gallery. WoW. woW. WOW.....!!!!!! There are so many different types of art! Modern art... European art... Sketches.. Photographs... Sculptures...

Some of the modern art was completely RANDOM!! We saw one 'painting' that was plain white, and had a steel frame around it. THAT was the 'art.' (man I could make some good money selling white sheets of paper with aluminum foil around the edges!! cha-ching!! $$$ ;)

Another Modern art was a large triangle. Half was orange and the other half was green.... It looked kind of like a food pyramid. hmmm.....

We took tons of fun pics beside as large Andy Warhol picture.

We saw tons of beautiful, ugly, spectacular, random art there. I saw one painting of 1920's looking girls at a hose race! I do not know the name of it though so I could not post a pic! ;(

I think today we will mostly be swimming/reading by the pool.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Club

Ahhhhhh........ Working out!! While we are in ___________ my dad bought us a gym member-ship. The Gym is awesome!! They have.... Indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, a HUGE work out room, track, and spa.* (*not included.... Unfortunately...)

We have been trying to go regularly, but it does not always work out with my 'waking up' schedule. I am ashamed to say..... BUT- we are going to try going before lunch. Like we did today! Hopefully that will work out!

My grandma is coming to see us for a week and 2
days!! I can't wait. I am sure we will be fixing her 'signature dishes.' Chicken salad, homemade macaroni and cheese, chicken croissant and brie, scalloped potatoes....Ummmmmm..... I am so thankful that she is in good health and can come see us!

Yesterday we went to Goodwill. I got a black and white/wicker/bamboo handled purse, an old Trixie Belden book, and a cocoon sweater.
This is as close of a picture as I could find! Mine is cream and not as cocoon-ish looking. Also- I would NEVER wear an outfit like this.... I am just lovin' the leggings and high heels!!. lol


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A whole day of walking....and walking....and walking.....

Tuesday my mom, Lauren, Abby, and I went for a 3 1/2 hour walk. My feet were killing me once we finally finished!

We walked to the center of __________ and went to Saks & Fifth, Macy's, and Brooks Brothers.

Saks and Fifth- Prada. Icky. What has happened?? The "fashionista's have gone
hill. Take a good long glare at THIS purse.... snake skin.......Hilariously FAKE jewels...OR THIS purse. (Not to offend anyone. Just a personal opinion.)

Tory Burch is pretty cute. Although EXPENSIVE!! $$$$$ kuuuhhhh-CHING, KA-CHING!!

Floppy sunhats!! SO fun!! THey had one that was white and real
ly large!! I was considering buying it, but I already have one.
They also had some cute jewelry, and umbrellas.

Brooks Brothers-

Adorable. Need I say more?? It is such a classic look. They had tons of seer sucker dresses/skirts/shorts.

I would sooo wear this on an African safari trip!!
White candy striped dress
Blue coral patterned dress

Adorable pineapple embroidered sear sucker skirt
Basically the rest of the time walked in and out of old churches, AMAZING hotels, and small stores.

One church we went to had HUGE cathedral ceilings, stain glass windows and a big restroom. We were getting hungry so we had lunch in the women's 'powder room.' (It was not IN the bathroom it was just a sitting room outside of it.) It felt really weird, and I said some one should be playing on the organ and singing ghostly songs. {the atmosphere was really ghostly and there was NO ONE in the church.}(I have read waaay to many mysteries!!)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Italian Wedding Soup

Saturday, my family and I went to a cute little Italian restaurant called- "The Spaghetti Warehouse."

The walls had tons of vintage decorating, and right in the middle was a caboose, which you could eat inside! The food was excellent, the service- marvelous, and the decorating- fun. They had lots of old commercial food posters, like 'Squirt, Coka Cola, ETC.

For dinner I got- Alfredo, shrimp, angel hair pasta, Italian wedding
soup, sour dough bread with garlic butter, and Italian Spumoni. (Cherry, pistachio, and chocolate ice cream.)

I LOVED the Italian wedding soup. That same day I had been
looking at Ina Gartens book, 'Barefoot Contessa Back to the Basics,' and seen the recipe, needless to say- I was excited to find it on the menu!
For Italian Wedding Soup recipe, click HERE
Several days ago, as I was flipping through the cook book above, I found a recipe for a French Apple tart. I was feeling the need for something sweet so I decided to try it out.

French Apple Tart Recipe, HERE

The same day we went to the SPaghetti Warehouse, we also went on a tour of the City. We went on an amazing tour called 'Just Duck Tours.' It was a nice little red bus. But the thing about this bus, is that it went on land, and WATER!! So we got to tour the area from two different angles!! Who invented those things!?!??!
After that we went to the pool, and played some tennis. I m trying to get good at that. I would like to be able to do SOME sort of sport! And plus tennis is cute, and fun!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Posting for me will be done sporadically. I am using a computer at the library, so library trips with probably not be done every day.

WOW!! _____________ is a gorgeous place! There are beautiful parks, and the old architecture is pretty as well. Our apartment is pretty nice, and we have a pool across the road.

Yesterday we went to IKEA. Have any of you been there? Let me just say- It is crazy! (In a cool sort of way) Everything is made with quality and the prices are terrifyingly terrific! My mom bought some pots and pans a long with several other kitchen necessities. A wok ended up being $9!! AMAZING!!

If you haven't discovered this already- Bath and Body Works is having their BIG sale!! We went to the mall yesterday and bought 3 pairs of cute cotton Pajamas. With a bathrobe, slippers, and pants, it ended up being a total of $11 Crazy huh!!?!?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

So long, Farewell......

Well not for EVA of course! We are going to be with my dad up in __________. I am excited but stressed/cranky/tired etc. We have been trying to find people to take care of our dog, cat, and fish. Today we said good bye to Lucy. (only for a month or so.) I was so upset, and I am sure she thinks we got rid of her. I couldn't help but cry when I saw her sad puppy eyes, staring at me....;( Little, will be staying at our house, but our neighbor will be taking care of her. I hope Little doesn't get lonely. Our fish will be staying at Miriam's house. (Thanks Mimi!)

Who knew packing could be so hard! Well this much packing. I have tons of small bags and 1 1/2 suite cases. I keep thinking up things I forgot to bring.

The title is letting you know that I do not know if we will have a computer. So blogging may be put on hold for a while. (Much to my dismay) If we DO have a computer, you'll find out soon enough. Maybe going to a library, or something.

Well, pray for me and my family. (traveling/ getting settled in/ Lucy/ Little ETC.)
I'll miss you wonderful bloggers/friends/family!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1970's Hilariously Cute Commercials! ;)

Ha ha!! Love these commercials! They made me smile! ;)


The funniest commercials in the video above are until 1 mintue and 4 seconds in to it.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Several consignment Finds

I shop at consignment stores. I love them. You can find the best items (some being name brands) for cheaper prices.

Skirt- ETC. Consignments (Green and pink skirt with dalmations, and poodles)

Lauren Ralph Lauren Purse- Hand Picked Consignments

Shoes- SNOB Consignment Store (The shoes look like Tory Burch, but they are not.)
Today I got a swim suit, from Kohls. (I really do not like that store to the 10th power, but anyways, that is usually where I get my swimsuits.)
Its cute. Probably not my first choice, but it fit and the style was what I was looking for. It is a light blue stripped tankini.
Today I was a mothers helper for a really sweet lady from my church. She is super enthusiastic and encouraging. I love being around her! I helped her organize all of her school supplies, which was really fun but took 3 hours.