Sunday, May 31, 2009


Why is it that I could just stare at seahorses all day long?

How can they blend in with their surroundings in just a matter of seconds?

There is something about them that completely sucks me in.
Why are they so enchanting?

How can such tiny fins, beat so fast?

Another one of Gods wonderful and magnificant creations.

Just HAD to post this one. When I found it I started laughing! ;)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farmers Market, rambling, birthday parties, rambling, zip lines, rambling.

AHHH!!! HOME AGAIN!! I am so tired and if this post contains a lot of rambling- You have my permission not to read the whole thing. ;)

The day started early. VERY EARLY! how about thinking about 4 something. Yikes! AS Lauren says "Any time beginning with 4 and ending with A.M is bound to be a disaster." SO true, so true. I believe that was the only time in my life I have gotten up that early. (Should I be ashamed?;)

My alarm clock went off and I got out of bed, and turned it off. Then all of the sudden I decided to lay in bed a couple minutes to wake up. I hate jumping out of bed to quickly. I need to wake up fully. Anyways I fell asleep after several minutes of 'waking up,' and did not wake up until 5:30 when I heard the door bell. (5:30 is when Miriam was coming to pick me up.) I jumped out of bed and felt really dizzy, and then the sickening realization came. (It felt like missing the last step on a staircase- my stomach dropped) I was not AT ALL ready and I was supposed to be walking out the door. AT that time. My mom and I got the door, and asked if they could wait several minutes. Several minutes it was. 6 to be exact. 6 MINUTES!!! THAT is ridiculous! I have never gotten ready for anything at all in 6 minutes!! WHHOOOOTT WHOOT- for new world records!!!

We left around 5:36, and when we got there, we set up our table. By 8:30 I had made- $2. Yes two dolla's. After all that work and time!!! but by the end I had made some money for my time and for supplies. Not to mention some extra spending money. I am glad I was not stuck with 2 dollars.

We had a great time, and it was a good experience.

Yesterday was a friends birthday party. She invited several people to play in their pond (let met tell you- if fish are not in a nice glass jar on your dresser- they really scare me. I have had creepy dreams about them.) They have 5 sip lines- the crows nest, the beast, the wet, and the wild. They have another small one but it does not have a name. The wet and the wild are over their pond, so it was really fun to drop off on rafts as you were going. We played in the pond a little, and that was fun all though kind of scary because this creepy bug eyed minnow kept swimming beside my leg.

Out of 5 people at the party only me and one other girl did the crows nest. (I have no clue why I did it because I am not a dare devil.) They had a good reason for not wanting to. It was VERY HIGH! Plus you had to climb up the tree near to the top branches. My mom said she guessed it was about 70 feet up in the air, but I do not know if it was that high. I think she was exaggerating, because it was shocking to her, to see her kid up in a tree about to fly over a pond. (Not to say it was not high, it was, just maybe not that high.) One of the worst parts was jumping off of a tree. There was no platform, you were just standing in between two big branches.

Lets just be clear. I did it twice. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! You felt like you were flying, especially when you did not hold on, and stretched your arms out. (I had a harness.) Me and Miriam went on a smaller zip line over the pond at the same time Bethany went from the Crows nest. She flew right over us, and we were under her. It was crazy!!

We made snow cones and had some snacks which were really good. The whole time we did zip lines.

Tonight I am going to another birthday party. I hope it will be fun. Its for a really sporty girl from my class, and we will be playing things like basketball and volley ball. I am VERY BAD at sports. Terrible. Like running from the ball bad. oh well, I can be a cheerleader. JUST KIDDING!

Pray for me and that I do not get knocked out from a volley ball.

Friday, May 29, 2009

For you? 5 dolla!

I am getting ready to go to the farmers market and sell some homemade things with my friend Miriam. I am making some flower hair accessories, earrings racks, and some earrings. So fun!! The only part I am not so happy about it- the price at craft stores. Sometimes it seems almost cheaper to buy a pair of earrings than to make them, but it still is really fun. Why do they charge so much? I am hoping that I will sell enough stuff so that I will make as much, or more money than I had to start with. You could pray that it goes well!

The name of my earrings and earring racks, are 'Wired' Creations by Caroline, and for the flowers? No name yet. I am still thinking! Maybe I should open an account on Etsy. If I still have a lot of things left after this, I may!

Yesterday night was Abby's schools 8th grade graduation. (Abby wasn't graduating) The graduation was really nice, although it was almost an hour long! (At least it seemed that long, I was really tired.) Several of the students got up and made short testimonial (is that a word? ;) speeches. They were all really good. After that, their was a reception. The food was wonderful, and the decorations- spectacular! The lights were dimm, candles shone on the tables, and their were white Chrismas lights hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention that the food was great!

We went strawberrie picking with some friends from chruch yesterday. I guess it was my third time this year. We went to a place I had never been to before. THE strawberries were delightfully LARGE, and they tasted a lot better than the ones that are in grocery stores. (which are shipped from basically the other side of the U.S.A. I guess they loose their flavor and get mushy after a while. ;0) The last time we went strawberry picking, the strawberries were really good, but they were small. YIPPIE for big strawberries!

Thank you for all yoru sweet comments on my last post-They made my day! ;)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! ;)

Lately I have noticed that.....I REALLY WANT A VINTAGE FLOWER SWIM CAP!! They are so cute! The only thing is- Would I wear it swimming or be to embarrassed? Probably the latter. Unfortunately.

Oh So cute!

PSSSTTTT!!! YOu can find bath caps on Etsy or Here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bullet points of the week

It is so nice to be out of school, although most of the time I do not know what to do with myself. Don't you just love that feeling?? ;) Here is a quick re-cap on my week/weekend

Saturday- My dad came home. It was great to see him. I had missed him so much. I believe he is coming back in two weeks. YIPPEE SKIPPIE!!! We decided to have a day of fun. (My dad actually got home late Friday night) We began by going strawberry picking. I just love strawberries picking. It was my second time going this summer, and I got to wear my floppy sea foam green sunhat! ;) Next we went to the Amish Store with my grandma and family. I have fond memories of going there when I was little. Our tradition has been to get home made bread and cheese, and then some sort of old fashioned candy- Boston baked beans, Mary Jane's, wax bottles. ETC. This time we switched it up a little and got sandwiches, and a soda. I got tangerine. It was great.
They had the cutest free kittens for free there, and I really wanted one, but I couldn't get one. Oh well;( I have Little and Lucy! I also went to one of our family friends graduation!

Sunday- My sisters and I sang in our choir! I was so glad my dad was there to see it for the last time. Why is it that they stop doing choir and wed. night church in the summer???? They shouldn't do that!

Monday- I cleaned our house and we showed it. Then my dad left, and me and Abby went to some of our friends house.

Tuesday- Shopping and cleaning! Lauren had a half day so we went to pick her up and then hung out at the mall, and shopped around. It was my first time ever going into Forever 21. That place is majorly depressing but they sometimes have cute things. I got a cute printed peacock umbrella! We also went to another store and I got some sterling silver anchor earrings. After our extended stay at the mall, we went to a friends house, picked up Abby and came home for her last violin lesson. It was really sad. I never really knew her teacher but she was really nice, and Abby liked her a lot.
I have also done a lot of reading the past several weeks/months. I am working on reading the whole Nancy Drew collection from start to finish. I have already read it once, but not in order. I started reading them late last year, and with school and things I had not been able to keep reading them. I had to put them down for a while, but tomorrow will mark the day I have finished all of them!! I am more than half through with the last one!!! My sister says it is noneducational and a waste of time, but hey, I never knew much about different cultures,and Nancy Drew has tons of interesting facts crammed into and interesting book. So hey, I would say it is pretty interesting!! ;) (did you just catch I used the word interesting in almost every one of those last sentences?? oops?!? enthralling, captivating... hm mm)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Marvelous Friday ;)

WOW!! Today just flew by! I started the day by getting up. Late. It was just great.

My mom and I cleaned our house, and then went to go pick up Lauren and Abby. They had half days of school. We went out to eat for lunch at a place called 'the moose cafe.' The food was really good and very southern. All they needed to do was hire me and my sisters to do the decorating. ;) After that we went to the farmers market. That place is so fun. I love looking at all the fruits and vegetables, and then of course the homemade items. One time we went there and I got some dried hydrangeas. I L-O-V-E them!!

We went to Rebecca & Co, as well as SNOB Consignments. Rebecca & Co. is really cute, although very $$$EXPENSIVE$$$. It is a little to bohemian for me, but there were some really cute things. SNOB is one of my all time favorites! They have deisgner stuff from $8-$100+ I got some cute navy, white polka dot shorts, (that will match with 3 of my RL shirts. They all have Navy in them.) A Nine West wallet, A green silk scarve, and some white Tory Burch looking flats. That was all under $20. Abby and Lauren got some really cute clothes as well, but I am sure they will post about them!

In an earlier post I talked about getting a typewriter, well lately I have been typing up some of my recipes, I just love the font and the 'RING' the typwriter makes. Just fantastic.

I heard from a fellow blogger that at Old Navy, tomorrow (Saturday) they are having a sale for their flip flops. It sounds great to me because they are comfy and have cute colours!! Check out Old Navy tomorrow!
Remember- Go to Old Navy!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Sitting

I JUST got back from babysitting w/ my family at a friend from our churches house. (Did that make one bit of sense???) Wow, I am tired.
I thought I would just do some bullet points on what happened. (mainly the funny points, because everything would take WAAAY to long!!

  • Abby decided she would take a bath in their whirl pool tub, so she asked me to start the whirl pool. She was standing beside me and I about to press the button. We were standing right at the tub. And then- I pressed it. Let me tell you, that was no whirl pool, that was a flood!!! instead of spraying, IN the tub, all the water sprayed in long streams OUT of the tub!!! YIKES!! We were so startled it took me a minute to recover and shut off the
    water. After I had done that we noticed that we were COMPLETELY soaked! not just little drops, I was soaked, and so was Abby.

  • The little baby, Elizabeth was eating hummus. I turned away for a minute and when I looked back at her she was covered in it! She smeared some in her hair, in her nose, and on her clothes. Let me just say- She got a bath!

  • Luke (the smallest boy) is a mess. He is so hard to contain in one place for even a minute!Bedtime was another thing. He didn't want to go to bed! "Luke it's time to go to bed." "NOOOOOO!!!! *Crying and screaming*) It went like that. The reason little Luke was crying was because we could not read him his second book. (we didn't have time to because it was past his bedtime.) Lets see- what did Luke do?

1. Screamed and cried

2. We had to grab him while he pinched/kicked/squirmed us, and put him in his bed.

3. Turned on all the lights and ran around the room like a mad man

4. Jumped into his older brothers bed and threw everything up there, on the floor.

5. Hid behind the chair.

6. Went to sleep. (AT LAST!!!)

Yep it was pretty much crazy. I was so tired that night.

So those are the main funny things, but trying to list them all, (Like I said) would take to long! (Don't get me wrong, it was really fun, just tiring and frustrating at times!! They are really sweet kids!)

Well, that's what I have been doing. (in a nut shell)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Maddness

Ahhh. Today has been a good day. Except for the part about being EXTREMELY tired;)

My grandma's party was super, and I have a feeling that her friends will be talking about it for years to come!! ;) The food turned out great, and our screened in porch turned into a tea garden. I hung up some japanese lanterns, streamers and some other decorations. We had lace table clothes, (vinyl-is taht not insane??? You can wash them with a rag and every thing comes up!! NO STAINS!! No hours spent trying to get off the punch stain on yoru great great grandma's table cloth! {although the real table cloth are pretty!})fresh flowers galore and many other pretty decorations.

Today was spent eating WAAAY to much left over food. Around lunch time my mom and I went to her friends house to eat lunch and make homemade bread. We had taco soup, fruit, chips, and cranberry ginger ale. (Now THAT is good!!) {By the way another family came over as well} We all went down stairs after that, and ground (WITH A HAND CRANK GRINDER!!!) 8 cups of spelt berries. We made the bread and it smelled heavenly!! We stuck around until it was finished, and helped her clean out her attic. We got most of it finished and guess what!?!?!?!? SHE GAVE ME AN OLD TYPEWRITER!!! You do not know how long I had been wanting one of those. They are so pretty and fun to type on. When I got home I typed up a letter to my friend:) It really does make you appreciate computers though because it takes so long to type up and if you make a mistake, there is no going back and hitting the 'backspace' button. Nope. She actually said that she had used it to type her college papers. IMAGINE THAT! Sure beats an Apple computer any day. (JUST KIDDING!!!!) (ill take an Apple please!!!)

We stayed until 4 and then I went to my cake decorating lesson, where we finished up our pansys from our last class. They turned out really good I think, so I would like to make a cake or cupcakes to put them on. Maybe tomorrow!!

Well I am very tired, so see ya later!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decluttering Excitement!!! ;)

Have you ever gotten rid of tons of things and felt very accomplished? Well thats how I was feeling yesterday afternoon.

ON the spur of the moment my sisters, my mom and myself decided to have a yard sale. We started by putting tons of stuff by the front door. Here is how I get rid of things. I ask myself-

-would I miss this_________ if I got rid of it? NO. Probably not.
-Is it doing me any good sitting in the back of my closet/ downstairs? NOpe!

It also helps a lot to take a pile of stuff you can't decide about and put them in a box. Then hide them in your attic or some place you rarely use. If you start needing that thing more often, you should probably keep it. If you forget about it, sell it. Use the money for something you need more, or save it.

One thing that a lot of people get confused about is saying "next time we move we need a bigger house with more storage space." The truth is people, that you need to get RID of all that stuff so that you are scrounging around for one more space in your closet.

Getting rid of things puts a lot of stress off of you and cleaning isn't nearly as hard.

OK, back to the yard sale-
Next we put everything in nice and neat piles putting tags on things. We got up bright and early to sell some stuff!! So refreshing! We ended up making a lot more money than we expected. (that means we actually sold a lot of stuff!) Whatever we didn't sell was taken straight to Goodwill. (I am so glad we have a place to dump old junk in!;)

My grandma's 80th birthday is today. We have been cleaning, and decorating. The food is going to be spectacular!!
Carmel pound cake, cucumber sandwiches, crab dip, vegetables, fruit, and AhHHHH so much more!
I decorated with Japanese lanterns, and flowers. (the theme is a garden party) We are hoping that the weather will cooperate!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parties and planning

Today has been a really fun day.

My mom and I dropped off my sisters and then headed over to my grandmas house to take her to breakfast for her 80th birthday. We went to Panera and got bagels, that were really good, after that we went by Walmart and got my memaw some flowers.

We decided we needed a gallon of strawberries so we went to this cute little strawberry farm. My mom said I could pick some. (My first time picking them this year!!;) I would love to go back soon. There were lots of strawberries and they taste great!

We planted my grandmas Vinca's and then left for home. At 1:00 I had my cake decorating class. We made daffodils, and pansy icing flowers. I love cake decorating although it does take a latte of muscle and makes your arms feel sore after squeezing that little tube of icing. Its like painting on a cake. I find that really neat!
When I got home, I read a book and just hung out!! Tonight is our churches picnic, it looks like nice weather, but I hope it doesn't rain. I thought it might earlier today, but it didn't. (Thank heavens)

On Sunday my mom and her sisters are putting together an 80th birthday party for my grandma. Since my grandma used to garden so much when she was younger, we thought we would do a garden theme. If we can find a croquet set, we will have that set up in the yard. My grandma gave us some gorgeous Peonies (my favorite!) and rhododendrons. Hopefully they will keep until Sunday! I can't wait until SUNDAY!!! My cake decorating teacher is going to be making the cake. The food is all planned out- cucumber sandwiches, tea, crab tip, fruit, veggies, cake and many other things, only I can not remember them at this moment. So it should be a good party, and I hope she is blessed by it.

I will try and take a lot of pictures of the party!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful MOTHERS DAY!! There are several people I know (Through blogs) who just became mothers or are just about to become mothers.

Today I will be a mothers helper until 3:00 and after that I will probably just hang out, clean and read. Yesterday we had another house showing. I guess this is our 5th or 6th. We had one 'couple' (I say the word 'couple' loosely because the past two sets of people viewing our House have been unmarried. What I want to know is why in the world they would try to buy a BIG house, if they have no children?) stay almost 2 WHOLE HOURS!!! They liked the house a lot, and they only walked through 5 times, (not enough... Is it?) my mom thinks they may have been trying to find something bad about it, so we would lower the price. They didn't find much, but what they did find was stuff that could be fixed, except for the size of the master bedroom and bathroom. (Hey if you buy our house we would be more than happy to let you expand the size. We have an old house so people back then didn't build things as extravagantly as they do now.)

So all that is confusing, and it leaves you feeling stressed. The weather over here has been really lovely. It started out as a really rainy week but after a couple days that disappeared into warm sunny weather. The grass has been so green, and leaves are on the trees. It really is marvelous.

My dad came home late Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Lucy, our dog was so happy to see him. You could tell she had missed him. It was sad to have him leave, after church but I am glad he could even come back here for the weekend.

Sunday night was youth talent night. (I wish my dad could have stayed for that.) Our church youth choir sang 5 songs, (my sisters and I are in it) and several people played the piano, sang, and played the guitar. It was really nice, and I like singing a lot, although not by my self.

I have seen several people do a post about wicker purses. Let me just tell you how much I L-O-V-E this one. I found it on polyvore. I have no clue where it is from or the price but I would love to find something similar! Let me know if you see one like this!


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Okay, for this fun video insert your name! (In the name and last name boxes I wrote insert your name, so anytime you see one of those words, insert your name!)


This link will take you to where you can send this to other moms! ENJOY, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


Friday, May 8, 2009


Thanks to Abby I just received my very first award!

Here are the rules-
-recognize the person who kindly gave you the award
-then nominate ten other blogs that inspire you

Blogs that inspire me-

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  6. tales of the trees
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so there you have it! TAG AWAY!



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lands End/Sea horses

My sisters, my mom, and I went to Sears yesterday night. Let me just be clear. I LOVE LANDS END!
I bought this adorable sunhat. They also had- burnt orange, straw, and ummmm... There was another color, only I forgot it. oops!

Anyways, when we were done with looking in Lands End, we went to Hancocks to get some ribbon. Lauren picked out a pink ribbon to go with my sea foam green sunhat. It ended up looking pretty cute, and it will be fun to change out the ribbon once in a while.

Take a good long look at this! I LOVE THE SEA HORSES (Kate Spade flipflops, cardigans, LE)!

They also had a cardigan with sea horses and coral reefs all over it. Those were in pink, and sea foam green. I love the colours they picked for their spring/summer collection!

Since we are on the topic of cardigans- isn't this cute? (it is not from lands end)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

I have been out of school since Friday, and I keep thinking I need to study for a test. But the truth is- I do not have a test to study for! It is nice but it feels really weird. I have been reading Nancy Drew a lot. I finished two of the books yesterday, (and this morning) and started on a new one this afternoon.

My mom and I stayed out the whole day. We went to my sisters chapel where she recieved a trophy for an art project, to Wendys, (whoot whoot) Goodwill, and another consignment store.
The last stop before picking up sista's was at Borders. ahhh.. (breath in deeply) Borders. That place is. Well weird. Not the books or anything. (well some of them) The people. You really get a cultural shock when you come through the doors.
Lets just say my mom and I saw very many different styles, and some people who were. Not very straight. All that to say, I found a book I would like to buy. It just came out recently and is a 'Martha Stewart craft book.' There were some really neat ideas, and things I would like to try. Calligraphy projects, stamping, etching on glass, crepe paper flowers, and the list goes on!

We picked up the girls and then went to Stein Mart. I like that place. They have such a variety of interesting things. Lauren, Abby, and my mom got large faux pearl earrings.

I am counting down the hours until nine-o-clock! (My jello will be ready then)


Monday, May 4, 2009

102 things (because I forgot to stop.)

1. I love antiques. Treasures from the past.

2. my dream pets are- a weimaraner, bull dog, (they are so cute.... I would get a friendly bull dog) toy, chocolate brown, curly haired, schnauzer, doxen and Saint Bernard's are pretty but they seem to drool a lot.

3. I hate pizza. With the exception of home made and Mellow mushroom. I prolly hate it so much because I got really sick after eating it.... Now I keep away...Especially from Papa Johns.

4. Uggs, hollister, and abrocrombie are not my thing. (Not meant to 'step on any ones toes.'

5. Hydrangeas, orchids, peonies, and yellow/pink/white roses are my favorite flowers.

6. I wish I had been born in another decade. The 1920's- 1960's had such adorable fashions.

7. My hair is in a very short bob. Like from the 1920's.

8. I just LOVE the movie 'Vertigo' by Alfred Hitchcock. It is really haunting though and I do not think I will ever forget it.

9. I love old aprons. I have found several at yard sales, and I love making them with my grandma. There is just something so neat about them. I always wonder the story behind each of them. Years ago, people re-used fabrics/ they made dresses out of flour sacks and things like that. (Do you get what I mean?!?)

10. I adore square plates. They are so neat.

11. Fresh flowers make any room pretty.

12. I want to play hide-and-seek in a corn field.

13. I do not enjoy being in large crowds. I prefer several good friends, to a large crowd of loud people.

14. I wish Nancy Drew had been a real person. What a bummer. I wanted to meet her.

15. Weeping willows are so mysterious and pretty.

16. Lilly Pulitzer has Wonderful fabrics, and dresses.

17. I went to the top of the world trade center several months before they crashed.

18. I love my family.

19. I have always wanted to go on a safari. (wearing a cute safari dress.)

20. One of the most magical things ever is to run in the rain during a spring shower. (Singing at the top of your lungs.) People may look at you weird but its worth it.

21. Old movies are MARVELOUS! I have seen a silent movie before, starring Clara Bow. ("It" is the name of the movie) it was so cute!

22. When I am nervous my face turns BRIGHT red. A complete give away. MAN!

23. When I cook I pretend I am on a cooking show. I know cheesy right? It does help make it more interesting.

24. I love cleaning and organizing.

25. My whole life I had spelled yesterday like "yesturday." Never knew why it kept on correcting it!! ;)

26. I find most of my things at- yard sales, and consignment stores.

27. I love June Cleaver off of 'Leave it to Beaver.'

28. I love making lists of things I like. Have a whole note book full of them!

29. Little things seem to make the biggest impact on my day.

30. Sea horses are enchanting. I could take a whole day just watching them.

31. I like thunder storms if I know I am safe, but when it comes to lighting... I get really scared.

32. Who in the world created clowns and mimes? They are not in the LEAST bit amusing. They scare the heck out of me.

33. I love plums, but hate prunes.

34. I love white brick houses

35. Peacocks are gorgeous

36. Jelly beans make my head and stomach hurt. SO do skittles.. Not a fan..

37. I love reading- real simple, Martha Stewart living, and country living magazines.

38. I love the words- Marvelous, canary, mysterious, vintage, retro

39. Old keys are so unique

40. Vintage chandeliers are marvelous

41. I can not tell people directions. I have to see where we are headed, and then most of the time I can figure it out.

42. Mini coopers and prieus's (Is that a word?) are one of my favorite cars.

43. Several times I struggled with making tapioca pudding..... All you have to do is mix ingredients and heat. Then let sit. Right??!?!??!? Well every time I made them they turned out like yellow grits.... With sugar...... Care for some?? not very appealing. right? Anyways it turned out I was NOT adding enough milk. Lauren figured out why it wasn't working... Life saver.

44. I love jazz, big band, swing, oldies, folk, and christian music.

45. I would love to visit- Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and France.

46. Raspberries, kiwis, blackberries, plums, and peaches are my favorite fruits.

47. I want glass door knobs in my house.

48. I have my wedding planned out (except for the guy;)

49. Crickets really scare me. They are out to kill me. And they enjoy hearing me scream and run when I see them. (I wonder if they know how creepy they are??~?)

50. I have never flown in a plane.

51. My mom, my grandma, my great grandma, my cousin, and me all have the same middle name.

52. I can not explain my style. I like tons of different styles.

53. My grandparents are/were wonderful and I miss both of my grandpas.

54. I love silhouettes

55. I would like to be an interior designer, florist, cake decorator, mom, and wife when I get older.

56. Cold showers are very refreshing on hot days.

57. I had a masquerade birthday last year. It was so fun.

58. I want an old type writer....

59. I wish people would write formal letters more often. I could use my type writer... HINT HINT!

60. I am terrible at sports.....I run from the ball. I think every knows I am bad because they always pick me last for sports.... But I have surprised them before. In capture the flag I got the flag twice!! It was a show stopper.. ;) I was surprised at myself to!

61. I hate fake Friends.

62. One of my favorite quotes is by Audrey Hepburn- (So I don't have to type it out read it on my side bar, very top!)

63. I love book stores.

64. The fair is a nasty place. (it really gives you a nice big cultural shock.)

65. Iced coffee is the best.

66. I cry in movies

67. Valentines day is one of my favorite (commercial) holidays

68. My grandma gave me the ring she had when she was little. It is so special to me. I would like to get both of our initials engraved on the inside of the band.

69. I collect- postcards, vintage aprons, coins, shells and Nancy Drew books.

70. I have gone repelling

71. I wish milk men came to your door to drop off glass milk jugs with the cream on top. Why did they ever stop?!??!

72. I like bleach blond hair, light brown hair, and red hair *a certain colour I can't really describe* (all hair colours are pretty though)

73. I scare myself when I am home alone. Have you ever done that? not by making scary faces in the mirror or anything, but I scare myself when I hear sounds and creaky noises. Get it?

74. Crows are scary

75. wheezed is a creepy word. So are bony, moist and oh man I forgot the rest!

76. Can you guess my middle name? Random but I just want to see if you can. I have dropped hints.

77. I would love to visit Charleston SC.

78. Why is it that boys do not open the door for you? What ever happened to that?

79. Ralph Lauren has some really neat things

80. whew! I am almost finished. I Hope you read all of this. It took me along time! ;)

81. I really want a nice digital camera. Any suggestions?

82. I have tried squid and snails. Squid tastes like chicken, and well snails taste like....I know... SNAILS!

83. I love the white cement lions that sometimes stand in front of your drive way. Nope, I do not believe they ward off evil spirits, I just think they are pretty.

84. 'Bella' is a very touching movie.

85. Chai tea is wonderful

86. I love umbrellas, rain boots, and trench coats.

87. I hate it when people wear sun glasses when it is not sunny, or rain boots when it is not rainy.

88. I hate it when people stare at me and do not turn away when they know I have noticed. Should I stare back and give them the 'evil eye,' smile and turn around, or pretend like I didn't notice?

89. Night cleaning is the best. Put on some jazz music, tie your hair in a hanker chief, put on high heels, a skirt and a vintage apron. Then dance around with a duster... Its really fun. Although I have never done it with a skirt, heels, or a hanker chief in my hair.. Ill have to try that some time!~ wink wink!

90. When I think of grown ups I think of- high heels, lip stick, and car keys... Where did I get that from?

91. Candle light dinners are really fun

92. We got our cat from a yard sale. See, I told you could find some pretty neat things!

93. Our TV is about as big as a microwave, (it is as big as the little glass part on a microwave that you look in.) but VERY wide. I think it has issues. The Chanel's change by it self, and the volume will go up and down. Then it will turn on and off. CREEPY! (especially if you are home alone!) As you can tell, we do not watch much TV. Actually none for that matter. We do watch videos and DVDs though. We are going to have to get a new TV since everything is going digital.. What ever that means...

94. Chunky rings are the best

95. I love dressing up and try to find excuses so that I can.

96. One of my friends said she had never see be in a sweat shirt.(until several weeks ago) Actually I only own one and I got it from a friend. I did wear them when I was little though.

97. Why didn't anyone ever tell me I looked like a dork when I was little?

98. I love my church.

99. I have never loved horses. They are fun to ride though. When I was growing up every girls favorite animal was a horse and their favorite colours were blue and purple. Now all girls love Hannah Montana and pink shimmer-y things..Wow drastic change.

100. I love flavored iced tea

101. I love decorating with- lions, stallions, fish, octopii, elephants and peacocks, as well as animal print.


I can't believe I just did that! I tag-

Sweet Simplicity

Kellys Korner

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Anyone else who would like to do it is welcome to~! (say I tagged you)


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Funny Video/weekend update

This is a really funny video my friends and I found. I know you may not be so thrilled about Rhett and Link, (from my previous posts) but hope you enjoy this one!!!

Saturday was a wonderful day. my mom, Lauren, Abby, and I woke up around 7:00 and went yard sailing. There were a lot out, even though it started to rain.

I got-

- Dangling chandelier earrings

- Some vintage clip on earrings

- a fish jello/crab dip mold

- Bird hooks. (to hangt up aprons in a kitchen, or for my bedroom)

-several old buttons to add too my button collection

- a pink sash

- two old tea cup plates

We were yard sailing from 7:30 (ish) until a little bit before lunch time. My mom found a really neat fish platter, a white long plate, and a circle mirror that we hope to paint white or silver.

After that we came home and cleaned up the house. At 12:30 a couple came to look at the house. I think they really liked it-seeing that they walked through 5 times and asked a ton of questions. They ended up being here about 2 hours. 2 HOURS! usually you go through and it taskes 30 minutes, but NOOOO! I am glad they liked it though. (mixed feelings) (don't get me wrong, they just stayed a long time.)

Lauren and Abby went to get pedicures and manicures, while my mom and I went into a newly opened Talbots store. I love Talbots. It is so much fun to look in and they have TONS of amazing things. They had THE cutest black floppy sunhat. For the stunning price of $50. ummm no thank you! (Does anyone know of a place where I could get a cheap, cute one?)

Next we went to borders and looked at magazines/1920's fashion books, and cook books.

Lauren and Abby finished and we went home. One of Abby's friends came over, and so did one of Laurens friends. We had a blast doing a salsa work outs, making blondies, and talking.

So that was my Saturday! OOOOO by the way! I am O-U-T of SCHOOL!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!

Friday was my last day. Is that not weird?

Several days ago my mom and I went to goodwill. I had a sweet sucess-

- pink and white striped sear sucker shorts

-cream colored cardigan

- pink capris

- lime green and navy polo dress

- cream shirt (I forgot what the fabric is called)

it was so nice because I always have THE worst time finding jeans/shorts/capris. They are all to short or toooo big in the waist. I wish I could combine two pairs.