Monday, May 4, 2009

102 things (because I forgot to stop.)

1. I love antiques. Treasures from the past.

2. my dream pets are- a weimaraner, bull dog, (they are so cute.... I would get a friendly bull dog) toy, chocolate brown, curly haired, schnauzer, doxen and Saint Bernard's are pretty but they seem to drool a lot.

3. I hate pizza. With the exception of home made and Mellow mushroom. I prolly hate it so much because I got really sick after eating it.... Now I keep away...Especially from Papa Johns.

4. Uggs, hollister, and abrocrombie are not my thing. (Not meant to 'step on any ones toes.'

5. Hydrangeas, orchids, peonies, and yellow/pink/white roses are my favorite flowers.

6. I wish I had been born in another decade. The 1920's- 1960's had such adorable fashions.

7. My hair is in a very short bob. Like from the 1920's.

8. I just LOVE the movie 'Vertigo' by Alfred Hitchcock. It is really haunting though and I do not think I will ever forget it.

9. I love old aprons. I have found several at yard sales, and I love making them with my grandma. There is just something so neat about them. I always wonder the story behind each of them. Years ago, people re-used fabrics/ they made dresses out of flour sacks and things like that. (Do you get what I mean?!?)

10. I adore square plates. They are so neat.

11. Fresh flowers make any room pretty.

12. I want to play hide-and-seek in a corn field.

13. I do not enjoy being in large crowds. I prefer several good friends, to a large crowd of loud people.

14. I wish Nancy Drew had been a real person. What a bummer. I wanted to meet her.

15. Weeping willows are so mysterious and pretty.

16. Lilly Pulitzer has Wonderful fabrics, and dresses.

17. I went to the top of the world trade center several months before they crashed.

18. I love my family.

19. I have always wanted to go on a safari. (wearing a cute safari dress.)

20. One of the most magical things ever is to run in the rain during a spring shower. (Singing at the top of your lungs.) People may look at you weird but its worth it.

21. Old movies are MARVELOUS! I have seen a silent movie before, starring Clara Bow. ("It" is the name of the movie) it was so cute!

22. When I am nervous my face turns BRIGHT red. A complete give away. MAN!

23. When I cook I pretend I am on a cooking show. I know cheesy right? It does help make it more interesting.

24. I love cleaning and organizing.

25. My whole life I had spelled yesterday like "yesturday." Never knew why it kept on correcting it!! ;)

26. I find most of my things at- yard sales, and consignment stores.

27. I love June Cleaver off of 'Leave it to Beaver.'

28. I love making lists of things I like. Have a whole note book full of them!

29. Little things seem to make the biggest impact on my day.

30. Sea horses are enchanting. I could take a whole day just watching them.

31. I like thunder storms if I know I am safe, but when it comes to lighting... I get really scared.

32. Who in the world created clowns and mimes? They are not in the LEAST bit amusing. They scare the heck out of me.

33. I love plums, but hate prunes.

34. I love white brick houses

35. Peacocks are gorgeous

36. Jelly beans make my head and stomach hurt. SO do skittles.. Not a fan..

37. I love reading- real simple, Martha Stewart living, and country living magazines.

38. I love the words- Marvelous, canary, mysterious, vintage, retro

39. Old keys are so unique

40. Vintage chandeliers are marvelous

41. I can not tell people directions. I have to see where we are headed, and then most of the time I can figure it out.

42. Mini coopers and prieus's (Is that a word?) are one of my favorite cars.

43. Several times I struggled with making tapioca pudding..... All you have to do is mix ingredients and heat. Then let sit. Right??!?!??!? Well every time I made them they turned out like yellow grits.... With sugar...... Care for some?? not very appealing. right? Anyways it turned out I was NOT adding enough milk. Lauren figured out why it wasn't working... Life saver.

44. I love jazz, big band, swing, oldies, folk, and christian music.

45. I would love to visit- Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and France.

46. Raspberries, kiwis, blackberries, plums, and peaches are my favorite fruits.

47. I want glass door knobs in my house.

48. I have my wedding planned out (except for the guy;)

49. Crickets really scare me. They are out to kill me. And they enjoy hearing me scream and run when I see them. (I wonder if they know how creepy they are??~?)

50. I have never flown in a plane.

51. My mom, my grandma, my great grandma, my cousin, and me all have the same middle name.

52. I can not explain my style. I like tons of different styles.

53. My grandparents are/were wonderful and I miss both of my grandpas.

54. I love silhouettes

55. I would like to be an interior designer, florist, cake decorator, mom, and wife when I get older.

56. Cold showers are very refreshing on hot days.

57. I had a masquerade birthday last year. It was so fun.

58. I want an old type writer....

59. I wish people would write formal letters more often. I could use my type writer... HINT HINT!

60. I am terrible at sports.....I run from the ball. I think every knows I am bad because they always pick me last for sports.... But I have surprised them before. In capture the flag I got the flag twice!! It was a show stopper.. ;) I was surprised at myself to!

61. I hate fake Friends.

62. One of my favorite quotes is by Audrey Hepburn- (So I don't have to type it out read it on my side bar, very top!)

63. I love book stores.

64. The fair is a nasty place. (it really gives you a nice big cultural shock.)

65. Iced coffee is the best.

66. I cry in movies

67. Valentines day is one of my favorite (commercial) holidays

68. My grandma gave me the ring she had when she was little. It is so special to me. I would like to get both of our initials engraved on the inside of the band.

69. I collect- postcards, vintage aprons, coins, shells and Nancy Drew books.

70. I have gone repelling

71. I wish milk men came to your door to drop off glass milk jugs with the cream on top. Why did they ever stop?!??!

72. I like bleach blond hair, light brown hair, and red hair *a certain colour I can't really describe* (all hair colours are pretty though)

73. I scare myself when I am home alone. Have you ever done that? not by making scary faces in the mirror or anything, but I scare myself when I hear sounds and creaky noises. Get it?

74. Crows are scary

75. wheezed is a creepy word. So are bony, moist and oh man I forgot the rest!

76. Can you guess my middle name? Random but I just want to see if you can. I have dropped hints.

77. I would love to visit Charleston SC.

78. Why is it that boys do not open the door for you? What ever happened to that?

79. Ralph Lauren has some really neat things

80. whew! I am almost finished. I Hope you read all of this. It took me along time! ;)

81. I really want a nice digital camera. Any suggestions?

82. I have tried squid and snails. Squid tastes like chicken, and well snails taste like....I know... SNAILS!

83. I love the white cement lions that sometimes stand in front of your drive way. Nope, I do not believe they ward off evil spirits, I just think they are pretty.

84. 'Bella' is a very touching movie.

85. Chai tea is wonderful

86. I love umbrellas, rain boots, and trench coats.

87. I hate it when people wear sun glasses when it is not sunny, or rain boots when it is not rainy.

88. I hate it when people stare at me and do not turn away when they know I have noticed. Should I stare back and give them the 'evil eye,' smile and turn around, or pretend like I didn't notice?

89. Night cleaning is the best. Put on some jazz music, tie your hair in a hanker chief, put on high heels, a skirt and a vintage apron. Then dance around with a duster... Its really fun. Although I have never done it with a skirt, heels, or a hanker chief in my hair.. Ill have to try that some time!~ wink wink!

90. When I think of grown ups I think of- high heels, lip stick, and car keys... Where did I get that from?

91. Candle light dinners are really fun

92. We got our cat from a yard sale. See, I told you could find some pretty neat things!

93. Our TV is about as big as a microwave, (it is as big as the little glass part on a microwave that you look in.) but VERY wide. I think it has issues. The Chanel's change by it self, and the volume will go up and down. Then it will turn on and off. CREEPY! (especially if you are home alone!) As you can tell, we do not watch much TV. Actually none for that matter. We do watch videos and DVDs though. We are going to have to get a new TV since everything is going digital.. What ever that means...

94. Chunky rings are the best

95. I love dressing up and try to find excuses so that I can.

96. One of my friends said she had never see be in a sweat shirt.(until several weeks ago) Actually I only own one and I got it from a friend. I did wear them when I was little though.

97. Why didn't anyone ever tell me I looked like a dork when I was little?

98. I love my church.

99. I have never loved horses. They are fun to ride though. When I was growing up every girls favorite animal was a horse and their favorite colours were blue and purple. Now all girls love Hannah Montana and pink shimmer-y things..Wow drastic change.

100. I love flavored iced tea

101. I love decorating with- lions, stallions, fish, octopii, elephants and peacocks, as well as animal print.


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Natalie said...

I love "Vertigo" too!

Hmm...I hate plums, and like prunes. :D

"48. I have my wedding planned out (except for the guy;)" That made me laugh!!! :D

Abby said...

hehe- "yesturday".

wheeze is a very weird word. I don't like it. I think of like gagging or weird noises. Not very pleasent...