Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decluttering Excitement!!! ;)

Have you ever gotten rid of tons of things and felt very accomplished? Well thats how I was feeling yesterday afternoon.

ON the spur of the moment my sisters, my mom and myself decided to have a yard sale. We started by putting tons of stuff by the front door. Here is how I get rid of things. I ask myself-

-would I miss this_________ if I got rid of it? NO. Probably not.
-Is it doing me any good sitting in the back of my closet/ downstairs? NOpe!

It also helps a lot to take a pile of stuff you can't decide about and put them in a box. Then hide them in your attic or some place you rarely use. If you start needing that thing more often, you should probably keep it. If you forget about it, sell it. Use the money for something you need more, or save it.

One thing that a lot of people get confused about is saying "next time we move we need a bigger house with more storage space." The truth is people, that you need to get RID of all that stuff so that you are scrounging around for one more space in your closet.

Getting rid of things puts a lot of stress off of you and cleaning isn't nearly as hard.

OK, back to the yard sale-
Next we put everything in nice and neat piles putting tags on things. We got up bright and early to sell some stuff!! So refreshing! We ended up making a lot more money than we expected. (that means we actually sold a lot of stuff!) Whatever we didn't sell was taken straight to Goodwill. (I am so glad we have a place to dump old junk in!;)

My grandma's 80th birthday is today. We have been cleaning, and decorating. The food is going to be spectacular!!
Carmel pound cake, cucumber sandwiches, crab dip, vegetables, fruit, and AhHHHH so much more!
I decorated with Japanese lanterns, and flowers. (the theme is a garden party) We are hoping that the weather will cooperate!



Mimi Elise said...

have fun at your Grammas party! when does it end?

Natalie said...

Oh, I hope the rain doesn't interfere with the party! :o

Sounds like the garage sell went really well...but you got rid of scarves?! (Oh, maybe it was Abby that said that...hehe) anyway...if you have any more, let me look at them first! :D You know how much those cost? It's insane...just for a little piece of fabric.

Hey, Mimi Elise...I think I saw you and your sisters at Costco this afternoon maybe...?
Sorry, really random, but I've seen pictures (of your sisters I think) and Lauren, and Laura Morales, on Facebook. So I saw ya'll and just now figured out why you all looked familiar.

And if it wasn't you, it was three girls who looked similar. :) Hehe...hope that wasn't too weird. ;)

Lauren said...
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mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Yah! I have also been cleaning out stuff at home and school; I probably should also have a yard sale. I am glad you were able to begin cleaning up and out before your move.