Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farmers Market, rambling, birthday parties, rambling, zip lines, rambling.

AHHH!!! HOME AGAIN!! I am so tired and if this post contains a lot of rambling- You have my permission not to read the whole thing. ;)

The day started early. VERY EARLY! how about thinking about 4 something. Yikes! AS Lauren says "Any time beginning with 4 and ending with A.M is bound to be a disaster." SO true, so true. I believe that was the only time in my life I have gotten up that early. (Should I be ashamed?;)

My alarm clock went off and I got out of bed, and turned it off. Then all of the sudden I decided to lay in bed a couple minutes to wake up. I hate jumping out of bed to quickly. I need to wake up fully. Anyways I fell asleep after several minutes of 'waking up,' and did not wake up until 5:30 when I heard the door bell. (5:30 is when Miriam was coming to pick me up.) I jumped out of bed and felt really dizzy, and then the sickening realization came. (It felt like missing the last step on a staircase- my stomach dropped) I was not AT ALL ready and I was supposed to be walking out the door. AT that time. My mom and I got the door, and asked if they could wait several minutes. Several minutes it was. 6 to be exact. 6 MINUTES!!! THAT is ridiculous! I have never gotten ready for anything at all in 6 minutes!! WHHOOOOTT WHOOT- for new world records!!!

We left around 5:36, and when we got there, we set up our table. By 8:30 I had made- $2. Yes two dolla's. After all that work and time!!! but by the end I had made some money for my time and for supplies. Not to mention some extra spending money. I am glad I was not stuck with 2 dollars.

We had a great time, and it was a good experience.

Yesterday was a friends birthday party. She invited several people to play in their pond (let met tell you- if fish are not in a nice glass jar on your dresser- they really scare me. I have had creepy dreams about them.) They have 5 sip lines- the crows nest, the beast, the wet, and the wild. They have another small one but it does not have a name. The wet and the wild are over their pond, so it was really fun to drop off on rafts as you were going. We played in the pond a little, and that was fun all though kind of scary because this creepy bug eyed minnow kept swimming beside my leg.

Out of 5 people at the party only me and one other girl did the crows nest. (I have no clue why I did it because I am not a dare devil.) They had a good reason for not wanting to. It was VERY HIGH! Plus you had to climb up the tree near to the top branches. My mom said she guessed it was about 70 feet up in the air, but I do not know if it was that high. I think she was exaggerating, because it was shocking to her, to see her kid up in a tree about to fly over a pond. (Not to say it was not high, it was, just maybe not that high.) One of the worst parts was jumping off of a tree. There was no platform, you were just standing in between two big branches.

Lets just be clear. I did it twice. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! You felt like you were flying, especially when you did not hold on, and stretched your arms out. (I had a harness.) Me and Miriam went on a smaller zip line over the pond at the same time Bethany went from the Crows nest. She flew right over us, and we were under her. It was crazy!!

We made snow cones and had some snacks which were really good. The whole time we did zip lines.

Tonight I am going to another birthday party. I hope it will be fun. Its for a really sporty girl from my class, and we will be playing things like basketball and volley ball. I am VERY BAD at sports. Terrible. Like running from the ball bad. oh well, I can be a cheerleader. JUST KIDDING!

Pray for me and that I do not get knocked out from a volley ball.


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I am glad you made some money and had some fun! You really got up early, (and got ready in a hurry!)

Mimi Elise said...

I had fun at Farmers Market!