Friday, February 27, 2009



Today I had class. It was OK for the most part. Just issues with a couple people!! BUT- we will not get into that!;) We had a sub for history and algebra, I thought it went pretty good!

Yesterday my sisters and I watched a hilarious movie called- "The Terminal." It was funny/sad/touching. I would really recommend it!

Changing the subject- I think we are moving. I REALLY don't want to because of our church and friends we would be leaving. But there may be a way that we could only move about 30 minutes to an hour. So not that bad. (but I am still kind of upset because I JUST painted my bedroom. Not to worry, if we move, I will paint my bedroom the EXACT same colours and everything.;) Right now I still feel dazed about the whole thing. I am not mad, sad or happy. I guess it will really hit me if we start to move. Not to mention that my dad will be gone for 6 months. Training. So if you could just pray for our family, my dads job, and moving possibilities, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Well to leave you on a HAPPY note- Here is a video that completely cracks me up! ENJOY!

(sorry I kept trying and trying to get the video to pop up on the screen. I wouldn't work. Whats the matter? does anyone know? I kept trying to do the 'embed' code but it kept on cutting off half of it. So visit the link provided!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nancy Drew

I haven't exactly talked about her much, but I LOVE NANCY DREW! She has this timelessness that many other books don't seem to have. I liked her better when she was in the 30's-50's.

I was not happy at ALL with the new movie they made of her.

It kind of ruined her for me, but then I was like- Well I have had her planned out in my mind for so long, sooo a dinky movie is not going to ruin her for me! I have been collecting Nancy Drew books for about 6 years-ish? I love going to used book stores and finding one I don't own. Right now I have the whole collection except for a couple.

Doesn't she look like a person you would want to be friends with? I love her vintage-ness!!!

Take notice of Georges red sailor dress!!! I WOULD SOOOOOO WEAR THAT!

Did you know that Carolyn Keene is not the person who made up Nancy Drew? She just wrote the books. An elderly man (forgot his name!) made up Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Bobbsey twins. He had Carolyn Keene write them all. (he had already made up the mystery part) But she used different pens names for each. Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon, and Laura Lee Hope.

When I was little I ALWAYS wanted to be like Nancy Drew, but my problem was that I could never find any mysteries like hers. Or any mystery's for that matter! And I wonder why her and the Bobbsey twins always found them!

Several weeks ago I went to borders and looked at the Nancy Drew books. To my shock, they started making NEW Nancy Drew books, that look really stupid and wanna-be, THEY GOT RID OF ALL THE AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS!!!!! what is the matter with these people!??!?!?! I hate it when they do stuff like that! I mean the movie was bad enough but now the books!!!!! glad I have the old collection!;)

I have read through the whole collection about once, I am more than halfway through the second time. No, I am not obsessed!

Well I hope I didn't bore you to death with me and Nancy Drew!

PSSSTTT! has this type of things ever happened to you?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching up on Photos

WARNING- This post may contain more pictures than words.
Anywhoo, sorry it has taken me so long to get caught up on the feather headband pictures and other things.

I got my inspiration from a really nice thrift store (It only buys really expensive things. I don't know if I would even classify it under a 'thrift store') and target. I had been eyeing them for a while and wondering if I should just buy one. But-I MADE MY OWN! not just one but three!

Michael's had some pheasant/quail looking feathers for $2.49 so I bought two packs as well as 5 peacock feathers, brown ribbon, and glue gun glue sticks. (now that's a tongue twister;) I had some random headbands at home, so my total amount of money spent was about 17 dollars. But instead of buying one headband for around that price I made three! YIPPEE!

Here is the finished product!

I am only posting two of them. The third one I didn't get a picture of!
Several days ago, I told you about the Polo Ralph Lauren factory- Here are the shirts I bought and the puffy vest from Van Heusen.
The pink and green shirts are my new ones the purple one I got from Good will. YIPPEE!!

(Lauren also got the bright pink one)

The Puffy Vest. Lauren told me I should wear a BRIGHT pink shirt underneath it or navy, cream or aqua.(Like the lining)

I can't wait until SPRING!!!!!!!

Here are several had wraps I found at good will. The blue and green one will look cute with the puffy vest!

Moving on. I decided to 'go green' (he he!;) so I recycled some extra paper bags.

Here is what I came up with! A book COVER!!!

Tonight my mom and I, had the best time cooking a chinese dinner.

I made a chinese soup. I have absloutely NO clue what in the world it is, but I had it at a resturant and loved it so we tried to imitate it. I think we did just as
good of a job or better. (No, I am not bias!)

It looks really bland but it is just BURSTING with flavor!

PSSST!!! a give-a-way a day is having a really rockin give-a-way! check it out. (link on my sidebar!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Funky Art

Don't you love all these pop art pictures? I think they are so unique and funky!

Sorry, didnt have enough time to do a real post!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a blast!! My ski trip all went by so fast, and now I am left here feeling slightly sad. Do you feel that way after a fun vacation?

Anyways, we left our house around 6:15 and arrived at 8:30. There were bucket loads of people climbing off buses, so the locker room was crowed and hectic- not to mention that the workers were grouchy. As always.

After that it got much better. We didn't take a ski lesson this time, (which I was very happy about, because this was our 4th time.) So we headed up the ski lift and did an easy slope. After several times of that we started doing some exciting intermediate hills.

About 4 o clock we went to our hotel- It was a weird hotel that smelled like fake oranges. BUT- it had a heated indoor pool, that was really nice, as well as a sauna.

We ate dinner at 'Bellas' a wonderful italian resturant, and got italian nachos and a large pizza. YUMMM!!!!! After that we watched the food chanel/cosby show then went straight to bed.

This morning we went on a LOOOONG shopping spree, at a Tanger outlet center. It was a lot of fun and had some amazing stores like- J.Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, and last but NEVER least- Ralph Lauren! LOVE IT!!!!;) I got two tee shirts, one is bright pink with a navy polo guy, the other is bright green with navy as well. We went to a shop called Van-Heusen. On the first rack there was a green puffy vest, really cute-but not the price- $59.99 ICK! BUT WAIT! a sign beside it read- "$5.99! WAS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY EYE SIGHT!?!?!?!?!?! nope, I read it correctly, 6 stinkin dollas! and I bought it.;)

So it was an amazing trip! I will do another post later on the feather headbands- I didnt have enough time to snap pictures!!;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


YEP- I am going.....SKIING!! I am very excited. Although... I am not very good. I think this will be my 4 time? We are going to sugar mountain, so it should be exciting!
We will be spending the night there (Which I have never done) so it will be neat to wake up to snow! Pray, that I will not kill myself.

Today has been planning/getting ready to go on our trip. My mom and I went and got the car vacuumed, then went to the Dollar tree and got some plastic baskets to go in our car. It is so stinkin organized now! I JUST LOVE IT!;()

Yesterday I was really in the mood to make some crafts/accessories so I made........

FEATHER HEADBANDS! I am really excited, I had been seeing them in some stores, for $10-$15 and wishing I could buy them, so I was excited when I made 3 for $17.00! WHOO HOOO!!!!!! I will try and post pictures in a couple days.

I also made recycled book covers. They are made out of paper bags, ribbons, and buttons. I will post pictures of those as well next time.

Several of our friends just dropped by for a visit, to give us some valentines day balloons! Wasnt that sweet!!?!?!??! I talked about them a couple posts ago. (annie catherine- teh adorable two year old with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes! everyone- "AWWWWWWW")

I will tell you how the ski trip went when I get home!

see ya!

PSSTTTT- pink potpourri is having a great giveaway! (www.allieparkersthoughts.blogspot.com)

Monday, February 16, 2009


I was looking at some pictures and came across these. Are they awesome or what?!?

L-O-V-E the ring!

It kind of looks like it was chiseled it out of a oyster, ring band and all!

The picture is really cool as well. Would you dare, go out in public with a huge rose on your head? It looks so cool, but I don't know if I would dare! (after the bow incident!;)

Buttons- These are really vintage! Imangine button earrings, or necklace, or on an apron, There are so many uses for buttons!

Bird print- This is really awesome as well. I love prints like this! O and pictures with flowers on them- botanical prints.

Hey, I just noticed something- these pcitures all match! colour wise. How cool is that?

Make a post on a collage of things YOU enjoy! have fun, and comment on my blog, to let me know if you did!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Up-date

Yesterday was a BLAST!! There was so much delicious food like,
chocolates, chocolate dipped strawberries, spinach bacon quiche, orange juice, coffee, tea, cherry jello, grapes, muffins, pirouettes... UM MM YUM! DELISH

The hostess- Mrs. Schmidt has the most adorable,'drop dead cute' little baby in the world! her name is Annie Catherine. She is 2 years old and her favorite words are 'no'. And sometimes "yes." Not the best word to teach a two year old. Right?;) But she is really sweet and has cute platinum blond curls and blue eyes.

We wore evening gowns there, and it was so much fun to get dressed up, into something that you would never go out of the House with now, but was regular attire for some one in a another time. Isn't that weird to think about??

Last night we had the Hime's girls over to our house for a sleepover. It was really fun, although all of us were to tired to stay up late. We had nursery this morning at church so we had to get up much earlier than usual.

CAKE DECORATING!! YES! FINALLY!! I have been looking forward to getting started again since Christmas. I made a little Valentines heart shaped cake. (Well more like I decorated it!) with hearts all over it. It was really fun and I will start going on Mondays. Sorry, no picture this time! It disappeared to quickly for that!
A little while ago I watched a really cute movie. "Penelope." It was about a girl who was cursed with a pig nose. It was really entertaining. Basically a chick-flick. Speaking of movies Lauren and I watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' To be short- I would not recommend it. It was entertaining... Sort of.... But I do not know why it is so well known unlike other cute ones Audrey did.
Valentines day, I went to goodwill, It was awesome! I found a cool teal coloured bottle( to hold flowers in) and two head scarves. They are SO much fun! I have one in blue and green and another in burnt orange. WHOO HOO!!!

How was your Valentines day? Did you do anything really special that was memorable? if so let me know!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Ball

(I know it isn't exactly a 'Ball' that I am going to, just a party. Ball sounded better!!;)


So how has your day been? Mine started with waking up to.......DARK CHOCOLATE GINGERBREAD TRUFFLES!!! um mm good! possibilities!

Now in about 10 minutes we are going to a valentines party, dressed in evening gowns!! I can't wait!

Yesterday, my school day, we had a little V-day party, where we traded gifts, I ended up with an ADORABLE tiger! he so soft and FLUFF-AY!

I was completely decked out, with v-day decor! In fact I was basically the only one who dressed up... WHAT IS UP WITH THESE PEOPLE??? I wore-

  • Black Long sleeved shirt, with pink argyle sweater over it.

  • jean skirt

  • black tights with different coloured hearts all over them

  • Light pink HUGE ribbon tied around my head, with the bow on top.

You know, I did get a coment on my bow...... Well not a friendly comment just sort of like-

"whats up with the bow?" (snicker-ish thing)

"Because, I wanted to wear a bow" "are you critisizing my style?"

'Blank stare"

I was seriously thing of asking him what was up with the camo, but I left that part out!! tee hee!;)

I will give a little update thingy about how the "Ball" went!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funky Picture

We got this picture from my great grandma, and I really think it looks like something off of 'Pride and Prejudice' (the old amazing 6 hour version!) or 'Jane Eyre.' (I love that one as well.)
sorry about the glare!
It was definitely my favorite picture in her house.

On to Abby's birthday. Yep, its today!! we are having our grandparents over, and her friend Miriam. (http://miriamelise.blogspot.com/)
Miriam is doing the sweetest thing- taking Abby out for lunch, to Panera!! isn't that nice? It will most likely be the high light of her day since she still had to go to school. For dinner we are having

  • Vinegar chicken

  • Green beans

  • scalloped potato's

  • foolish pie (Its an old family TOP SECRET recipe, served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Did I make you hungry?)

Does your family have any TOP SECRET recipes? (You don't have to share the recipe, just comment on what it is like!;)
I went and got her present yesterday, but I can't tell you because Abby will most likely read this!

At 1:30 I am going to my cake decorating class!! HURRAY! I haven't been since before Christmas so that ought to be fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching up on pictures

Well to catch up on some pictures that need to be posted...

Here are the pictures of my aprons I made.

I don't exactly have a picture of the other one, but it looks just like this one. Here is the fabric though!
Lauren had the wonderful idea to frame some magazine pictures. SO heres how they turned out!

This picture is in our bathroom.

Sorry they are not the best quality of pictures. But you get the idea! right?
I am about to leave for my d-group leaders house. So that ought to be pretty fun!

Tomorrow is my younger sister Abby's birhday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

no title

I got back from the little girls viewing only awhile ago. I had never met this girl, or her family, but they go to our church. Karis' younger sister Olivia had her birthday today... I felt so sorry for her and her family. Olivia is so young that she didn't understand, or why she had her birthday in a funeral home. I cried so hard. She was so young. But she went to heaven and someday I will see her there.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fun Saturday

Yestuday was really F-U-N!!
My Grandma owns a cabin, it's not exactly in the moutains, but it is surrounded by long horned cattle, and cotton fields. She added on a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. They are still in the process. She also has a huge pond, and beauitful pine trees surrounding it. In the summer after it is finished we will be able to bring friends, and canoe on the pond.

The reason we went down there was to look at paint colours, the add on, and carpet.

We walked around, and looked at the pond. We even found a beaver lodge. I wish we could swim in the pond but there is supposed to be copper heads... I will not risk it!;0 Canoing is fine with me! The cabin looks alot like some place Nancy Drew would find a mystery. It's like walking into Nancy Drew's world.

Anyways, my aunt Cyndi, and great uncle Bill came as well. We had a blast! I can't wait until it's finished!
For dinner we went to a place called "The Red Robin." I have never been to a real hamburger place before, but this one is the BOMB! They were delish! We all got 'Santa Fe burgers.' here is what it had in it- Something amazing happens when you combine a juicy burger, fire-roasted Poblano pepper, guacamole, sautéed onions, crisp tortilla strips, lettuce and Pepper-Jack cheese. Served on an onion bun with Ancho mayo. Mucho flavor, mucho good! They were excellent! I also got - Blueberry pomegranate limeade! YUM!! Loaded with blueberries, Monin® Pomegranate & Lime syrups, Sprite® and lime wedges. So good that uncontrollable “yummy” noises may result. Bottomless refills! The only thing I didn' t like about this place was the price.....They were $10.00 hamburgers! RIDICULOUS! We spilt the burgers. Anyways, I would definitely recomend it though.

friday night we watched 'Fireproof.' Lets just say... Good movie, bad acting!;)

Please continue to pray for the Winter's family. (their daughter died friday..)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Great Give-a-ways!

Well, I have several AMAZING give-a-ways to blog about today!

1. Some Fabulous......DIOR MAKE-UP! going once...going twice!


2. Adorable Luggage tags...I might add that they are not just ANY luggage tags. THESE happen too be LILY PULITZER! I love the fish-y print! tooooo cute!http://kappaprep.blogspot.com/2009/02/celebration-giveaway-one.html

Perfume- http://saravido.blogspot.com/2009/02/400th-post-giveaway-few-of-my-favorite.html

Wells thats all for now!

be sure to swing by and tell http://www.inspiredkara.blogspot.com/
happy birthday, as well as, http://www.mabelshouse.blogspot.com/
and http://www.crazycats.blogspot.com/ (her husbands birthday)

Please pray for a family who goes to my church.... Their 7 year old daughter passed away.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rhett and Link

Ok, I really don't exactly know why I think this is so funny, but it cracks me up, EVERY single time i've see it, and I have seen this one tons of times! Tell me what you think.

Is it just a girl thing? Because I showed it to my boy cousins, and they looked at me really weird. he he.....They liked some stupid thing called 'papa johns twisted pizza compelte-za" personally, I thought it was really stupid. hmmmm, all the girls i've showed it to love it! What a concidence!!;) wink wink.

here is another one, since I have nothing to blog about!
Thanks Natalie and miriam for showing me how to insert videos!;)

Well tomorrow is school...ugg. HAPPY THURSDAY!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


YESSS!!! It was finally warm enough to paint yesturday. It felt wonderful outside, we even got to go for a walk around the neighborhood with Lucy.

So yep we did it.... We painted! My moms bathroom had needed to be painted, for along time, we still have another coat to do, but it looks much better. The colour is called 'shag green.' It really gave the bathroom a nice refreshing look. Next up is my closet! I know yor probably thinnking- "who paints their closet?!" But....Its just so bland.... So I will probably paint it the same teal colour as my bedroom, with black shelves.

Lauren had a two hour delay form school, so that was nice. And we thought Abby did as well, so she didnt go to school for almost two hours, and then we found out she DIDN'T have adelay, so she missed a lot of the school day.. He he....

I will most likely do another post today, with painting pictures and pictures of my apron.