Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nancy Drew

I haven't exactly talked about her much, but I LOVE NANCY DREW! She has this timelessness that many other books don't seem to have. I liked her better when she was in the 30's-50's.

I was not happy at ALL with the new movie they made of her.

It kind of ruined her for me, but then I was like- Well I have had her planned out in my mind for so long, sooo a dinky movie is not going to ruin her for me! I have been collecting Nancy Drew books for about 6 years-ish? I love going to used book stores and finding one I don't own. Right now I have the whole collection except for a couple.

Doesn't she look like a person you would want to be friends with? I love her vintage-ness!!!

Take notice of Georges red sailor dress!!! I WOULD SOOOOOO WEAR THAT!

Did you know that Carolyn Keene is not the person who made up Nancy Drew? She just wrote the books. An elderly man (forgot his name!) made up Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Bobbsey twins. He had Carolyn Keene write them all. (he had already made up the mystery part) But she used different pens names for each. Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon, and Laura Lee Hope.

When I was little I ALWAYS wanted to be like Nancy Drew, but my problem was that I could never find any mysteries like hers. Or any mystery's for that matter! And I wonder why her and the Bobbsey twins always found them!

Several weeks ago I went to borders and looked at the Nancy Drew books. To my shock, they started making NEW Nancy Drew books, that look really stupid and wanna-be, THEY GOT RID OF ALL THE AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS!!!!! what is the matter with these people!??!?!?! I hate it when they do stuff like that! I mean the movie was bad enough but now the books!!!!! glad I have the old collection!;)

I have read through the whole collection about once, I am more than halfway through the second time. No, I am not obsessed!

Well I hope I didn't bore you to death with me and Nancy Drew!

PSSSTTT! has this type of things ever happened to you?


SassyEngineer said...

I have always loved Nancy Drew - I never saw the movie, but I'm kind of glad I didn't now. I read so many books when I was younger :)

Millie said...

Oh, I ADORE Nancy Drew too! She is so amazing! I have almost all of the books too. I have a bunch of them in first edition.

I didn't mind the movie too much. I loved the clothes Emma Roberts wore (and I just like Emma). But, I did have to clear from my mind any pre-conceptions of what Nancy Drew was supposed to be like...and just enjoy the movie for what it was.

It DEFINITELY WAS NOT Nancy Drew. But, I did find it rather entertaining. And that wardrobe!

And, BTW, I always wanted to be like Nancy too. I liked the Hardy Boys too (Joe is way cooler than Frank though). The Bobbsey Twins, not as much.

Caroline said...

He he! I agree! emma- did wear pretty cute clothes!
joe- oh yea!

Natalie said...

I think I slept through the Nancy Drew movie on the plane when I went to Oregon in 2007... :P Hehe.

Yeah, I don't even like the newer ones that they have at the library as well as the old ones. I have three reprinted old ones. (I have read all the ones at the library though.) But they're selling new ones? blech. I knew they had some books, like, Nancy Drew Files or something like that that were newer and stupid.

Actually, lots of different authors wrote the Nancy Drew books and just went by "Carolyn Keene".

Abby said...

cool post, carebear! I've only read hardy boys... maybe i should check out your library of nancy drew.

Kate said...

I love Nancy Drew. My mom actually has some first editions!

I did like the Emma Roberts movie. Definitely NOT the same as the books but I loved her preppy wardrobe

Anonymous said...

Yea I loved the Nancy Drew books too when I had time to read them! :D And I also loved to movie..not the same..but still really cute!