Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Up-date

Yesterday was a BLAST!! There was so much delicious food like,
chocolates, chocolate dipped strawberries, spinach bacon quiche, orange juice, coffee, tea, cherry jello, grapes, muffins, pirouettes... UM MM YUM! DELISH

The hostess- Mrs. Schmidt has the most adorable,'drop dead cute' little baby in the world! her name is Annie Catherine. She is 2 years old and her favorite words are 'no'. And sometimes "yes." Not the best word to teach a two year old. Right?;) But she is really sweet and has cute platinum blond curls and blue eyes.

We wore evening gowns there, and it was so much fun to get dressed up, into something that you would never go out of the House with now, but was regular attire for some one in a another time. Isn't that weird to think about??

Last night we had the Hime's girls over to our house for a sleepover. It was really fun, although all of us were to tired to stay up late. We had nursery this morning at church so we had to get up much earlier than usual.

CAKE DECORATING!! YES! FINALLY!! I have been looking forward to getting started again since Christmas. I made a little Valentines heart shaped cake. (Well more like I decorated it!) with hearts all over it. It was really fun and I will start going on Mondays. Sorry, no picture this time! It disappeared to quickly for that!
A little while ago I watched a really cute movie. "Penelope." It was about a girl who was cursed with a pig nose. It was really entertaining. Basically a chick-flick. Speaking of movies Lauren and I watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' To be short- I would not recommend it. It was entertaining... Sort of.... But I do not know why it is so well known unlike other cute ones Audrey did.
Valentines day, I went to goodwill, It was awesome! I found a cool teal coloured bottle( to hold flowers in) and two head scarves. They are SO much fun! I have one in blue and green and another in burnt orange. WHOO HOO!!!

How was your Valentines day? Did you do anything really special that was memorable? if so let me know!


Lauren said...

I love the way you described Annie K! It's so true! Your getting to be really good at writing posts!

Barefoot in the Park said...

oo cake decorating... sounds great!