Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fun Saturday

Yestuday was really F-U-N!!
My Grandma owns a cabin, it's not exactly in the moutains, but it is surrounded by long horned cattle, and cotton fields. She added on a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. They are still in the process. She also has a huge pond, and beauitful pine trees surrounding it. In the summer after it is finished we will be able to bring friends, and canoe on the pond.

The reason we went down there was to look at paint colours, the add on, and carpet.

We walked around, and looked at the pond. We even found a beaver lodge. I wish we could swim in the pond but there is supposed to be copper heads... I will not risk it!;0 Canoing is fine with me! The cabin looks alot like some place Nancy Drew would find a mystery. It's like walking into Nancy Drew's world.

Anyways, my aunt Cyndi, and great uncle Bill came as well. We had a blast! I can't wait until it's finished!
For dinner we went to a place called "The Red Robin." I have never been to a real hamburger place before, but this one is the BOMB! They were delish! We all got 'Santa Fe burgers.' here is what it had in it- Something amazing happens when you combine a juicy burger, fire-roasted Poblano pepper, guacamole, sautéed onions, crisp tortilla strips, lettuce and Pepper-Jack cheese. Served on an onion bun with Ancho mayo. Mucho flavor, mucho good! They were excellent! I also got - Blueberry pomegranate limeade! YUM!! Loaded with blueberries, Monin® Pomegranate & Lime syrups, Sprite® and lime wedges. So good that uncontrollable “yummy” noises may result. Bottomless refills! The only thing I didn' t like about this place was the price.....They were $10.00 hamburgers! RIDICULOUS! We spilt the burgers. Anyways, I would definitely recomend it though.

friday night we watched 'Fireproof.' Lets just say... Good movie, bad acting!;)

Please continue to pray for the Winter's family. (their daughter died friday..)


Mimi Elise said...

hey! wow - the cabin sounds great! Yeah, Abby told me about the burger place, its sounds really yummy!

Liz said...

That cabin sounds fantastic. And I ran into a copper head in a creek one time... scary!

Laruen said...

mmm that burger was so yummy!!

Your cousin Jessica said...

Now, is this the Grandma who lives closer to us, or is she the one whose house we went blueberry picking at that one time?

Caroline said...

ummm it is my moms mom. I THINK you went bluberry picking at my dads mom.