Monday, November 30, 2009


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving! For my family and I, we spent it at the beach-hence my lack of posting. It was our very first year NOT being with either side of the extended family. We went down to Florida, and stayed in a condo for a week. It took 15 hours to get there, but we made it! Since it is November it was not the warmest it could have been, but it was warm enough for us to swim in the ocean, and the pool. It only rained one day, and we went shopping.

We rented bikes for the week, went swimming, watched the food network, relaxed, visited a wild life preserve, picked fresh oranges/grapefruits/limes, & went shopping.

For thanksgiving dinner we had-
Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, iced tea, & pumpkin pie.

Everything was great!

I bought several souvenirs-
- 1 pair of shell earrings
- 1 pair of sea horse earrings
- 1 pair of starfish earrings
- Postcards
- Shells (both at the beach and at a store.)

I am very excited about my earrings! They are very nautical and were only $5! INCREDIBLE!!!

Last night my youth group watched 'The Prestige.' It was a very interesting movie- and yet I liked it. We had a long discussion about it afterwards. It was kind of dark and depressing, but I cannot even believe how someone thought up the plot. It was kind of like a mystery, about two magicians batting each other, and seeing who could make the best tricks. There were some gory scenes, so I would not advise that little kids watch it. Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?


Monday, November 16, 2009


Grilling is the best way to cook ever! (Well that and roasting {click here for an amazing Ina Garten roasted berries dish- YUM} ) Sunday, my mom asked me what to make for lunch, the first thing (s) I thought of were kabobs. It was really warm yesterday and I guess that is what made me choose a summer menu. They were delish! I wish I had taken pictures. We had......

Grilled chicken, red and yellow pepper kabobs

Grilled Asparagus

Pesto Pasta

Iced tea

For dessert we had something that was a lot like tiramisu (MY FAVORITE DESSERT!) but it was slightly different.


Oh my word, I just looked out the window (At 5:32 PM) and it is dark. DARK!!! So early!! NOOOOOO! Well I guess that is what comes inside the winter package. Darkness, cold, and snow. Sounds good to me. (HA)

Have a good rest of the week!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello everyone!!

I am so sorry about the lack of posting. (ALMOST 2 WEEKS! I can not believe it!) One of our computers has been blocking gmail, and blogger log in. I cannot comment, post or do anything but read other people posts. So I am still here but I have not been able to comment. The computer I am using is super slow, and all of my pictures I wanted to share are on the other computer. Hopefully I will be up and running soon. (did you get any of that?)

In other news, Christmas is coming! And fast! I am still shocked at how little of time we have left to shop, decorate Etc. I need to start planning my Christmas list!;)

My school is coming to an end for Thanksgiving/Christmas break and I have exams in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! I have been already in school for almost 15 weeks! Unbelievable.

Right now I am reading "Through Gates of Splendor." It is a really good book, although I find it kind of hard to stay interested.

OH- Here's something! Lauren and I went a Fall Retreat with our youth group. It was a blast!! We did tons of high ropes, and low ropes courses. I completed all of the high and low ropes! YAY!! But it was super scary, I was only standing on a thin cable, and I had to attach myself in by myself to each different course, while standing above 30 feet off of the ground. AHHHH!!! I also did the rock climbing wall and discovered that I LOVE IT!!!! I did the easy rock wall 3 times, and then decided to move on to the hardest one they had. It was very hard!! Only 3 of the 25 people in our group could make it to the top. Two of which were boys, and the last one was...........

ME!!! (I was very sore for days afterward!) I am still in shock that I did it-all the way!! I think everyone was shocked as well. So for the rest of the retreat they called me- "Beast" "Spiderwoman" & "spidermonkey." HA!!!! Imagine me, the girl who is super skinny, and has absolutely no muscle (HA) climbing a rock wall that 22 other people could not do! Anyways, needless to say, I was in shock after I got down. That was my very first rock wall I had ever done, although I had done like a six foot one, but it was really small. (It was connected with a high ropes course)

The retreat was a blast and I made some new friends. Josh (the youth group leader) and Jonathan (The 2nd youth group leader) put together this completely amazing pirate treasure hunt, complete with a treasure to uncover. (in the dirt) The catch? It was all over the WHOLE camp, (At night) and all of the clues were written in old English. One of the clues was found in the middle of the lake. My partner and I got stuck with a bad paddle boat that didnt work, and Hannah had to jump out (She got her feet and some of her jeans wet) and pull us back in. We were a sight! ;) Josh and Jonathan had every group start out with a different clue, so that we would not all be running to the same place, at the same time. The last clue we had to get from Josh after finding all the other ten clues. Josh & Jonathan had rigged up a laser pointer, to point directly where the treasure was buried so all you had to do was dig at that spot. (GENIUS!) (The treasure hunt took 3 HOURS!!!! Thats how hard it was!;) Two of my good friends won, and came home with a huge box of candie, and movie Gift Cards.

Have a great FRIDAY!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


HELLO everyone! I hope you all had a fun (and safe) Halloween!! In all of my posts, I have never talked about earrings. Even though I usually end up just wearing over sized pearls, I love a variety of different types.

All Of the filigree earrings are soooo pretty!

I love earrings, they can completely make an outfit!! ;) What type of earrings do you usually grab before heading out the door?


*Photo Courtesy for all pictures- Google Images*