Friday, May 22, 2009

Marvelous Friday ;)

WOW!! Today just flew by! I started the day by getting up. Late. It was just great.

My mom and I cleaned our house, and then went to go pick up Lauren and Abby. They had half days of school. We went out to eat for lunch at a place called 'the moose cafe.' The food was really good and very southern. All they needed to do was hire me and my sisters to do the decorating. ;) After that we went to the farmers market. That place is so fun. I love looking at all the fruits and vegetables, and then of course the homemade items. One time we went there and I got some dried hydrangeas. I L-O-V-E them!!

We went to Rebecca & Co, as well as SNOB Consignments. Rebecca & Co. is really cute, although very $$$EXPENSIVE$$$. It is a little to bohemian for me, but there were some really cute things. SNOB is one of my all time favorites! They have deisgner stuff from $8-$100+ I got some cute navy, white polka dot shorts, (that will match with 3 of my RL shirts. They all have Navy in them.) A Nine West wallet, A green silk scarve, and some white Tory Burch looking flats. That was all under $20. Abby and Lauren got some really cute clothes as well, but I am sure they will post about them!

In an earlier post I talked about getting a typewriter, well lately I have been typing up some of my recipes, I just love the font and the 'RING' the typwriter makes. Just fantastic.

I heard from a fellow blogger that at Old Navy, tomorrow (Saturday) they are having a sale for their flip flops. It sounds great to me because they are comfy and have cute colours!! Check out Old Navy tomorrow!
Remember- Go to Old Navy!!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Yeah... Flip flops are $1 at Old Navy tomorrow. (I saw the commercial.) Have fun!

Mimi Elise said...

awesome! i need some flip flops! we totally need to get a table @ farmers market!

Lauren said...

I loved the photo. That Nannette Lepore white lacey shift at Rebecca and CO was INCREDIBLE! I love your dollar wallet and everything else! marvelous!!