Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Maddness

Ahhh. Today has been a good day. Except for the part about being EXTREMELY tired;)

My grandma's party was super, and I have a feeling that her friends will be talking about it for years to come!! ;) The food turned out great, and our screened in porch turned into a tea garden. I hung up some japanese lanterns, streamers and some other decorations. We had lace table clothes, (vinyl-is taht not insane??? You can wash them with a rag and every thing comes up!! NO STAINS!! No hours spent trying to get off the punch stain on yoru great great grandma's table cloth! {although the real table cloth are pretty!})fresh flowers galore and many other pretty decorations.

Today was spent eating WAAAY to much left over food. Around lunch time my mom and I went to her friends house to eat lunch and make homemade bread. We had taco soup, fruit, chips, and cranberry ginger ale. (Now THAT is good!!) {By the way another family came over as well} We all went down stairs after that, and ground (WITH A HAND CRANK GRINDER!!!) 8 cups of spelt berries. We made the bread and it smelled heavenly!! We stuck around until it was finished, and helped her clean out her attic. We got most of it finished and guess what!?!?!?!? SHE GAVE ME AN OLD TYPEWRITER!!! You do not know how long I had been wanting one of those. They are so pretty and fun to type on. When I got home I typed up a letter to my friend:) It really does make you appreciate computers though because it takes so long to type up and if you make a mistake, there is no going back and hitting the 'backspace' button. Nope. She actually said that she had used it to type her college papers. IMAGINE THAT! Sure beats an Apple computer any day. (JUST KIDDING!!!!) (ill take an Apple please!!!)

We stayed until 4 and then I went to my cake decorating lesson, where we finished up our pansys from our last class. They turned out really good I think, so I would like to make a cake or cupcakes to put them on. Maybe tomorrow!!

Well I am very tired, so see ya later!!



Mimi Elise said...

Haha Lauren mentioned that everyone would talk about for a long time too!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

What is the origin of your "photo" aka the fish picture?

abby said...

I love your pansies you made in cake decorating class! you're getting better.

I would like to borrow your type writer sometime...:)

Caroline said...

Amanda- I do not exactly understand what you are asking me. Sorry!