Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bullet points of the week

It is so nice to be out of school, although most of the time I do not know what to do with myself. Don't you just love that feeling?? ;) Here is a quick re-cap on my week/weekend

Saturday- My dad came home. It was great to see him. I had missed him so much. I believe he is coming back in two weeks. YIPPEE SKIPPIE!!! We decided to have a day of fun. (My dad actually got home late Friday night) We began by going strawberry picking. I just love strawberries picking. It was my second time going this summer, and I got to wear my floppy sea foam green sunhat! ;) Next we went to the Amish Store with my grandma and family. I have fond memories of going there when I was little. Our tradition has been to get home made bread and cheese, and then some sort of old fashioned candy- Boston baked beans, Mary Jane's, wax bottles. ETC. This time we switched it up a little and got sandwiches, and a soda. I got tangerine. It was great.
They had the cutest free kittens for free there, and I really wanted one, but I couldn't get one. Oh well;( I have Little and Lucy! I also went to one of our family friends graduation!

Sunday- My sisters and I sang in our choir! I was so glad my dad was there to see it for the last time. Why is it that they stop doing choir and wed. night church in the summer???? They shouldn't do that!

Monday- I cleaned our house and we showed it. Then my dad left, and me and Abby went to some of our friends house.

Tuesday- Shopping and cleaning! Lauren had a half day so we went to pick her up and then hung out at the mall, and shopped around. It was my first time ever going into Forever 21. That place is majorly depressing but they sometimes have cute things. I got a cute printed peacock umbrella! We also went to another store and I got some sterling silver anchor earrings. After our extended stay at the mall, we went to a friends house, picked up Abby and came home for her last violin lesson. It was really sad. I never really knew her teacher but she was really nice, and Abby liked her a lot.
I have also done a lot of reading the past several weeks/months. I am working on reading the whole Nancy Drew collection from start to finish. I have already read it once, but not in order. I started reading them late last year, and with school and things I had not been able to keep reading them. I had to put them down for a while, but tomorrow will mark the day I have finished all of them!! I am more than half through with the last one!!! My sister says it is noneducational and a waste of time, but hey, I never knew much about different cultures,and Nancy Drew has tons of interesting facts crammed into and interesting book. So hey, I would say it is pretty interesting!! ;) (did you just catch I used the word interesting in almost every one of those last sentences?? oops?!? enthralling, captivating... hm mm)



Lauren said...

Love our peacock umbrellas!!!

Natalie said...

Forever 21, depressing? Hmm...the one time I went in there, what I was thinking is that I was going to go deaf. :D

Well, I suppose Nancy Drew books are kinda fluffy...but I did learn stuff from them too. :) That's one thing I love about books, even fiction, you learn misc. facts from them.