Saturday, May 2, 2009

Funny Video/weekend update

This is a really funny video my friends and I found. I know you may not be so thrilled about Rhett and Link, (from my previous posts) but hope you enjoy this one!!!

Saturday was a wonderful day. my mom, Lauren, Abby, and I woke up around 7:00 and went yard sailing. There were a lot out, even though it started to rain.

I got-

- Dangling chandelier earrings

- Some vintage clip on earrings

- a fish jello/crab dip mold

- Bird hooks. (to hangt up aprons in a kitchen, or for my bedroom)

-several old buttons to add too my button collection

- a pink sash

- two old tea cup plates

We were yard sailing from 7:30 (ish) until a little bit before lunch time. My mom found a really neat fish platter, a white long plate, and a circle mirror that we hope to paint white or silver.

After that we came home and cleaned up the house. At 12:30 a couple came to look at the house. I think they really liked it-seeing that they walked through 5 times and asked a ton of questions. They ended up being here about 2 hours. 2 HOURS! usually you go through and it taskes 30 minutes, but NOOOO! I am glad they liked it though. (mixed feelings) (don't get me wrong, they just stayed a long time.)

Lauren and Abby went to get pedicures and manicures, while my mom and I went into a newly opened Talbots store. I love Talbots. It is so much fun to look in and they have TONS of amazing things. They had THE cutest black floppy sunhat. For the stunning price of $50. ummm no thank you! (Does anyone know of a place where I could get a cheap, cute one?)

Next we went to borders and looked at magazines/1920's fashion books, and cook books.

Lauren and Abby finished and we went home. One of Abby's friends came over, and so did one of Laurens friends. We had a blast doing a salsa work outs, making blondies, and talking.

So that was my Saturday! OOOOO by the way! I am O-U-T of SCHOOL!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!

Friday was my last day. Is that not weird?

Several days ago my mom and I went to goodwill. I had a sweet sucess-

- pink and white striped sear sucker shorts

-cream colored cardigan

- pink capris

- lime green and navy polo dress

- cream shirt (I forgot what the fabric is called)

it was so nice because I always have THE worst time finding jeans/shorts/capris. They are all to short or toooo big in the waist. I wish I could combine two pairs.




abby said...

that is absolutely hiliarious! omigoodness.. that's one of the funniest ones they got on there

Beth said...

We're all Rhett and Link fans at our house. Did you know they are Christians? I really appreciate the way they keep their videos safe for family viewing; we can watch them without having to censor them first.

~Beth---Natalie's Mom :)

Caroline said...

YOu are so right! I just love them! they are leading the worship for my cousins Bible study, so we may just have to pop in sometime!

Mimi Elise said...

I love that video! It is hilarious! i had a lot of fun last night, thanks for having me!

Natalie said...

I've seen some floppy black sunhats at Target. Maybe not floppy enough, but you could check it out.