Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been really bummed for the past few days. On Thursday I got the stomach flu. The next day- being Friday I had to miss class. Now that was bad enough because now I do not have much clue of what I have to do this week, but also.....My trip was Friday! I was so annoyed! My bags were packed and everyhting. But instead I got to stay home and sleep for 24 hours. Exciting.com....... Enough of that. I am feeling better.

Since I have laid in bed for so long, I realized I had been coming up with lots of good ideas. 'Oh I need to add _______to my school paper." "look my carpet needs vaccuming." "I should make a fashion interior deisgn book." Only I couldn't work on them because I felt to weak. But today I got to! I started my fashion/interior design notebook. Since I just started I haven't gotten very far, but my idea was to just put magazine clippings/quotes/pics into it. then when I am older I could look back and be like- that is so cool! (I hope my style doesn't change when I get older.;)

Anyways, to go along with that I made some coloured paper. I know, I could have used construction paper, but the colours are so....Primary... Soooo, I got a tray and put 1/2 an inch of water in it, then put drops of food colouring in it. All you have to do is lay the paper in the water, then flip it and pull it out- letting it drip for a couple seconds.

how to make a swirl-

  • take your pan, fill it about 1/2 an inch with water.

  • add one colour of food colouring. stir it.

  • then take another colour and put several drops in- without stirring.

  • Take your paper and soak it.

  • Then pull it out

It made really neat swirls all over the paper, and it reminds me of an orange cream sicle. (I made mine orange and red.) I will take some pictures of the paper later.

I was searching on line for something Nancy Drew. I googled- 'Nancy Drew charm bracelet.' Here is what came up.

I really like it. It used to be for sale on eBay, but it was removed. I am trying to find a way to contact the owner, and see if he/she would still like to sell it. If you find anyone who has one like it, let me know!



Amanda from Seattle said...

If you are looking for a crafty Nancy Drew charm bracelet, you should check out Etsy. It is like the Ebay for crafters. Just search for Nancy Drew and they have purses, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Lots of fun

abby said...

that bracelet is so cute and so you! love it.. I'm so sorry u had to miss the rivendell trip. :( but I'm totally going to have to try the colored paper.
love you!

Horsefreak978 said...