Sunday, March 15, 2009

From water falls to, snakes, to cats, to trees. A random post about basically everything! ;)

A couple of post ago, I told you about how we went on a quick hike. here is a picture of the waterfall! It was GORGEOUS!!! This is just like one hundreth of it. It was REALLY LONG!!!

Some time early last week, my dad and I found a bird. Actually LUCY found the poor birdy. Either she MAJORLY scared him to death (literally LUCYYYYYY!!!) or she hurt him. It was the most precious little blue bird. It really looked like God had placed finger prints on its wings.
Long story short, I thought it was okay because it looked better- just scared. We snapped some pictures, but the next day. It died. I was soooo upset!

anyhoo, Here are some of my favorite pictures of it.

Just to keep you busy and waste your time :0 here are a couple more pictures of wildlife! ;)

OUR PEACH TREES BLOOMED!! they are gorgeous, to the TENTH power!!!!

My dad planted them around 1-2 years ago. So nooo peaches yet! but maybe in a couple years! (If we are even here then!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR...................)

Changing the subject a little-

I was vacuuming the car on Thursday- 'la la la la laaaaa.' I got really far underneath the car seat and I almost screamed bloody murder. Only- when I am scared I freeze.

There staring straight at me only a foot away, was a SNAKE!!!! now I am fine with them as long as they don't get in my way, or vise versa.

I debated whether or not somebody was trying to play a trick on me, (I have no brothers, and had never seen this snake at our house. Still have no clue where it came from!) and came to the conclusion- It was a fake.

I know I know, it looks super fake, but not at the time! ;) It was just lodged in the perfect place-at the wrong time. And I still don't have the nerve to pull it out from underneath the seat. SO my conclusion- As long as it doesn't bother me, I am leaving it under the seat.

Little- Not exactly 'wild life' but we were spoiling her yesterday and she stayed inside ALL day long. Little's an outdoor cat, so it was a big deal for her! ;) (little rascal, we left her BRAND NEW bag of unopened cat food on the porch and when we came back... We had a suprise. Only now I can't say it hasn't been opened. The little smart-y pants ripped open the bag and was enjoying the feast of her life!;)

Quick pic- here are my new flip flops!

hope you are having a WONDERFUL Sunday!



mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Nice photos! All the flower/nature photos together looks like a collage!

Thanks for the clarification! I was wondering how a snake got into your car.

caroline said...

he he yea. well actually my grandpa had an old truck, and my dad took it to the shop, to be repaired. anyways the man working there opened the truck door and a copperhead fell out. YIKES! (except this one was real) Have no clue how it got in there, or maybe it was just somehow lodged in the door, except for it was outside of it, instead of inside. I could never handle that....

Lauren said...

I inwardly chuckled about the snake deal! Very nice arrangement of photos of the peach trees. I hope the cold weather won't ruin the blooms! Haha how funny that the 'wildlife' post contains a picture of little, a plastic snake, and polo flip flops! tee hee!

Mimi Elise said...