Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craving Spring

I had a marvelous weekend, and it all ended way to quickly! After my trip I had to start school again. Icky. Getting home from trips is always so depressing.

Anyways, today I babysat for Annie Catherine- one of the sweetest cutest two years old I think I have ever met!! I always love it when I can babysit for her! We played play-dough, watched 'Sid the Science Kid,' (has anyone seen it?? It seriously is weird. But Annie likes it sooo... anyhoo.) ate lunch, and dressed her up in a really cute outfit! I love dressing little kids up. It is so fun. So I was there from 10:00 AM until about 3:40 PM. It was long but she went down for a nap for 2 hours.

Lately I have been on a cooking craze. I LOVE COOKING! It's a blast. (its odd though, because I only really feel like cooking at night......hmmm....) Tonight I made a white cake, with whipped cream icing, and strawberries. Now that my friends is "spring" in your mouth. ;) Hopefully, when I get done with this post, we can eat it.... yuuuuummmmmm....

Annie Catherine's mom really inspired our family. She always has iced tea in her fridge. But not just 'iced tea' she has peppermint iced tea, gingerbread iced tea, etc. What she does is she makes her tea but substitutes 2 bags of regular tea for a flavored kind. (seasonal) Peppermint so far is my favorite, but Yesterday I made orange spice, and I must say it was pretty darn good!

The peppermint, is really refreshing cold. You should try it! ;) watch out though, you may just forget about the coffee! *Wink Wink*;)

I made banana nut bread yesterday as well. I didn't think I was a big fan of it, but it is pretty good! Now I want some....

I am craving spring. Just to be blunt. I hate this switch-y on and off weather. It is confusing. I was so happy early this week that we were having hot weather, but it changed and now it is humid slushy gunk. I like rain in the spring as long as it isn't humid.

In my last post, I talked about some things I found on my trip. We checked out a goodwill at the beach, and several other thrift stores as well as the Tanger outlets, and antique stores. So it was a nice variety! (which was VERY clean. I mean the floors literally sparkled, and the clothes were colour coded!!! MARVELOUS!!!;)

Here is a picture of my 1930's Nancy Drew book- (I already had two copies of this book but, it was to old and cheap to pass up. Plus this version is COMPLETELY different from the new version, so it is like reading a whole new book! Did you know that the Nancy Drew books were written by three different people over a period of time? The reason that this book is a different version is because 2 of teh people writing them decided that they didn't like the other persons version, so they re-wrote it! So there are at least three different versions of the same book, floating around somewhere in cyberspace.
Ugly yellow/green cable knit sweater-

Bird cage- Can you see the purple bird inside?

My old Valentines- I found both of the frames at goodwill, and the coloured card stock behind them are some pieces of paper I dyed.

The valentine on the left says- "Lettuce be valentines dear" and the one on the right says "No trouble A- Tall to be your Valentine" AWWWWW.....

A can of buttons- My hat-

Vinatge patterns- Hopefully I will find some frames to frame them in, (Lauren's idea!;) but until then I am keeping the with all my Nancy Drew books.Goodwill argyle sweater-

Sailor dress-

I also got a purple shirt, and some vintage bottle caps to make earrings out of.

I got my hair cut!!! I am still slightly in shock from it being so short, but I do like it.

See ya later! I am going to eat cake!;)



The Pink Potpourri said...

wow, that's a lot of great stuff! i love all the pictures! that argyle sweater is too cute. and i LOVE peppermint iced tea! its perfect in teh summer, and served hot its great in the winter

don't forget today is Free Giveaway Friday so be sure to swing by and enter to win!

Lauren said...

HEY SISTER! I love all of your awesome purchases, and the cake you made was delicious!!