Thursday, April 9, 2009

uhhhhhh........ANy ideas on what to call this?? ;)

I will just have a brief summary of what I did yesterday, and two days ago.
My mom, Lauren and I toured UNCG. It is a nice college, with beautiful landscaping, and old buildings. They are supposed to have a good interior design program, thats what Lauren was considering majoring in. But she still is not sure. We ate our lunch at a place on campus called 'Yum Yums.' They only serve hot dogs, and homeade ice cream. The ice cream was divine, and the hotdog, delish!! I got mint chocolate chip, and MAN did they pile that ice cream on! I promise, it was about half a foot tall!! After eating lunch and going on the tour, we went to a really hippie-ish street, right off of campus. Ranom people with long hair and mohawks were laying beside the road, with dogs on top of them. I must say I saw MANY different styles. We went into a vintage clothing store and a jewlery shop. From the vintage store, I bought a ring.
It is really big and matches my purse. (check last post!;)

Yesterday some of our cousins came over. We went to the historic park (I mentioned it in another post!) and went through many toured buildings. The architecture was marvelous and the weather was great for walking around. We went to a bakery and my cousin bought some sugar cake!!! YUMMMM!!! After that we went home, started our homeade pizzas, and made an espresso. (cold, with whipped cream and ice. Oh and sugar!!:) Only we didn't know it was espresso so we were like "okay lets just stay up all night!! (half joking;) We didn't stay up that late but it was really fun!

My dad came home last night! So I made a frozen fruit salad. He will probably stay until Sunday.


Liz said...

Totally jealous of that ring.
Have a great Easter weekend!

Lauren said...

Yea UNCG was fun and cute guys too! You Rock that ring! hehe

abby said...

that ring is so cool! I love it!! i wish i would've been able to go with y'all... i miss out on everything, while y'all are having a blast i'm staring at the constitution. haha!:)

Mimi Elise said...

I hope you had fun with your cousins!