Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where to draw the line

I have always wondered about preppy style. Can you be preppy with out spending $1oo's of dollars, and only buying name brands?

In real life I have a preppy style, but I don't buy clothes from Lilly Pulitzer. I have bought some new things from Lilly Pulitzer on Ebay, and found brand new LP things from yard sales. (With the tags still on.) I really like LP- the colors, and the style, but it tends to be on the expensive side. I dont think you have to buy name brands in order to be preppy. Although it is hard to buy things for the style. I dont consider Aeropostale, A&F, and Hollister to be classic preppy style, although most teenagers do categorize it as that.

I define preppy as-

Bold, bright colors
Minimalist clothes shapes (The shift dress Etc.)
Natural looking make up
Flats, and high heels

My style is mixed with a little bit of nautical. I wear earrings with anchors, starfish, and sea horse's. (small silver of gold sea animals.) I wear lots of solid color shirts and accessorize with jewelry.

I would love to be able to afford clothes like LP, but in this economy it is really hard!! I also realize that most people think that if you buy LP or a lot of other name brands you are considered a snob. People of any style can be snobby. I wish people were not judged by their money. I really hope that you guys do not think I am a snob because I have a LP blog design. I love the style, and love looking at my blog when it has a bright bold print. I am blessed, but not the type of person to toss $300 on a pair of shoes. I would love someone to start a preppy clothes business that made a classic preppy style for an affordable price. (Anyone want to help me with that? ;)

I really hope I have not offend/or stepped on anyones toes.
What do you consider a preppy style? Do you think that you have to buy name brands in order to be categorized as a prep?

Just keeping it real!

P.s- SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! ahhahahah!!


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

I totally agree! I do spurlge on some items, for the most part I'm preppy on a budget. It's all how you wear the clothes and carry yourself.

Caroline said...

Perfectly said!! I know what you mean. Sometimes I will splurge on some things.

Kendall and Luke said...

As a newlywed and college student i have to save whatever money i can. so in the spirit of dressing nice, professional, "preppy" and somewhat classy, i do what i can to shop sales, bargain stores and do my best to look cute!!

As much as i love the polos, cardigans and things like that, my eye is drawn more towards the classic style similar to Audrey Hepburn and classic women like that.

There is no shame in shopping garage sales and i'm encouraged to hear that i'm not the only one!!

Caroline said...

Oh thank you for the sweet comment!! I too, am drawn to simple, classic looks like Audrey H. She has this timeless elegance. I am not all preppy, I experiment with other fashion styles like you were saying. I think the main thing is to look nice, clean, and well dressed. I am glad I am not the only one who shops at garage sales!! ;)

gCe said...

Truth be told, I am a label whore because in school I got made fun of for not having the appropriate brand clothes so I am now funny about what brands I will and will not wear. However I still buy staple items at places like Wal-Mart and the majority of my "designer" preppy clothes are purchased off or ebay. I also take advantage of back to school sales at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet and really stock up. Also, when you get to college if you go greek you will get lots of sorority tees and those become almost a preppy uniform.