Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Re-cap

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you will have a very merry new year!!

Christmas was great at our house. We got a Wii, and a new TV. We are very excited!! Quite an upgrade from a 10 inch TV to a 22 in!! YAY!!

I also got some clothes, gift cards, a monogrammed necklace, boots, and a few other things.

We got the Wii Fit game. Have any of you tried it? I am really liking it a lot. I don't think it is a fantastic work out, but I guess it depends on which games you play, how long you do it, and how much you get 'into' it.

We just got back from going to the mall. Bath & Body Works is having a really great sale. I got several lambs, some cute lamb slippers, and a few other things, all for under $13. They will be great presents! With out the sale I think the total would have been about $54. I saved a ton!! WHHHOOOO HOOO!!! Do you know of any great after Christmas sales??

Today we moved my Grandma into a retirement home. It was a mixture of happy and sad. Happy because I can stop worrying about her, in a big house all alone, and sad because my mom has lived in it since she was my age. You can pray that she is able to sell her old house, and make lots of friends in her new home. Her new home is nice light, and airy. She has a bedroom, two GIANT bathrooms, a kitchen, office, and living room, which is plenty for her. I helped her arrange the furniture, hang up pictures, and organize. I really hope she enjoys it there. She is now about one hour away (instead of 30 minutes) but that isn't that bad. She is about 3 minutes down the road from my Aunt though. I was glad to see my cousins again while we were moving her, because they are usually away at college.

I mentioned above that I got boots. They are actually knock off chocolate brown, UGGS. I never actually knew what I thought of them, but I really need some sort of comfy winter shoes. I must admit, they are not nearly as bad as I thought they were, and the inside is so warm and cozy. They have grown on me a lot. I started out hating them and saying I would never buy any, to actually getting a pair. (GASP!) What do you think about them? I couldn't get over the shapelessness of them for a while, but I don't mind it that much any more. I wore them today with a gray cable knit shirt, a brown undershirt, and jeans. It actually ended up looking pretty good. I have also worn them with a pink and brown argyle shirt. I really like my Uggs, but I dont really like the tan/light brown short boots. (Just a personal opinion.)

So what are you doing to bring in the New Year? 2010. I cannot believe it. WOW!

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