Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eye Candy

The snow has lost all of its fun. Right now it is slushy. (Soon to be frozen tonight) We went sledding a little bit, but my dad said the sledding would be good tomorrow morning! I just found out that it was actually almost 8 inches. Not 6. WOW!! Yesterday, I stayed inside and cleaned out our basement. Mopping, vacuuming, de cluttering, organizing ETC. Hopefully we can paint it this summer. When we moved in, there were some wacky colors! I really want the snow to melt so that I can leave my house, but at the same time, I want it to stay so that I dont have to go to school Wednesday.

My sister told me about these tote bags, and I saw them at lands end as well. SO AMAZING!! I would love one with my monogram. Click HERE
OHH!!! I also love this belted dress! Sorry- It will not let me take the pictures off of the site!
Click Here!

I also really like this outfit!!
Lands End has been having some really cute clothes!

Next, we have some LOVELY Garnet Hill, Lilly Pulitzer bedding, rugs and towels!!! (Cue- OHHHHHH, AAAHHhh!!)
Lilly Pulitzer Sweet Pea Patch Quilt and ShamLilly Pulitzer Chinoiserie Bath RugLilly Pulitzer Chinoiserie Towels
Lilly Pulitzer Treasure Chest Quilt and Sham

Isn't that just eye candy?


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful taste, CCR! Lands' End is one of my favorites! Do you have a Sears close by that sells Lands' End? I just popped in and got a bunch of stuff at 40% off the sale price!! Wahooo!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

gCe said...

I love that first skirt! I am also loving that Lilly line although I am secretly hoping like other previous lilly collections that I will be able to find it a TJ Maxx soon.

Caroline said...

Mrs. Bogarde- Thank you for the comment!! Yes, we do have a Lands End where I live. Its wonderful! WOW!! Great deal!

gCe- Same here! That would be fantastic! I just got some Lilly P sunglasses at TJ maxx, and I saw some cute pajamas!