Monday, January 4, 2010

100 things about me! 2010 edition

1. I wear pearls, or diamonds with almost every outfit
2. I hate wearing pajama pants to bed (Especially fleece.) I gets way to hot.
3. I love Taylor swift and Michael Buble
4. I love orchids and Hydrangeas
5. Pink, Green, and Light aqua are my very favorite colors
6. I shop at yard sales, consignment stores, and Ebay
7. I hate math
8. I sleep with my fan on year round
9. My favorite tree is a weeping willows. They are so magical.
10. I recently got a pair of Chocolate brown UGGS. I still cannot believe I did, but I LOVE them!
11. Valentines Day & Christmas are my favorite Holidays
12. My two grandpa's died several years, ago and I am still heart broken. I miss them both so much.
13. I love spending time with my grandma. I sew, cook, and decorate with her. She is always willing to teach me something interesting, like how to cook her homemade macaroni and cheese, sew ruffles on an apron or weave a basket. She is very understanding.
14. I am excited about taking in car
15. I wish I was sporty. I really like tennis, water skiing, golf and skiing. I don't really like playing basketball, soccer, or football though. To much pressure.
16. I just love reading Anne of Green Gables. She cracks me up every time! Her sense of humor is like no one I have ever met!!
17. I would like to be a professional wedding cake decorator, a wedding planner, or photographer, a florist (like my great grandma), a mom, and a wife.
18. I love making list. I write list about dream houses, baby names, my favorite songs, parties, and tons of other things.
19. I think most people would be surprised at how extroverted I am.
20. I hate people who constantly whisper. The sound just is awful, and makes me feel uncomfortable. And plus *if they can not say it aloud they probably shouldn't say it at all.* (* Quote Gracie Beth. I TOTALLY AGREE!)
21. I also hate the sound of Styrofoam and nails on a chalk board.
22. I love all things girly. Painting nails, and doing my hair and make up.
23. But I don't mind being outside.
24. I am deathly allergic to wasps, and bees.
25. I love photography
26. I love to Kill a Mocking Bird
27. I really want a weimaraner, a daschund, or a schnauzer
28. I am different every time I take a Myers Briggs Personality test.
29. I really want to be able to run a 5K and do a good job.
30. My favorite item of make up is definitely mascara
31. I love Ebay!! It is the best
32. I want a charm bracelet
33. I love family traditions
34. I am very excited about college
35. I would love to be able to do classic dancing like ball room, jazz, tango Etc.
36. I wish I had a really good voice. If I did I would sing all of the time
37. Boys seem much easier to hang out with than girls.
38. I love old fashioned candy
39. My favorite season is probably spring or early summer.
40. I am pretty good about writing letters to people, just not sticking them into the mailbox. Pitiful isn't it?
41. My favorite kinds of ice cream are- butter pecan, coffee, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate
42. My Birthday is September 30th.
43. I have planned my wedding numerous times
44. Large groups of people stress me out
45. I love wearing heels
46. One of my New Years resolutions is to gain more weight
47. I am 5' 6" 1/2 (The doctor said I will probably be 5 '10" when I stop growing. YIKES!!
48. I am really scared of crickets.... *Shiver*
49. I really want to have a sweater monogrammed
50. I have tons of key chains, but only 3 keys
51. My math teacher told me that if he could give anyone an award in my class for getting stressed out, he would give it to me. Should I feel honored?
52. I love Italian Wedding soup, and my Grandmas home made macaroni and cheese
53. When I read a book, I get so into it that I cannot even hear other people around me. Abby is constantly complaining that she talks to me and I never reply. Oops!
54. I love old movies
55. I love buying pajamas. I have lots of different styles and colors.
56.I love raspberries
57. I have read the whole Nancy Drew collection tons of times
58. I love getting a cup of tea or coffee and sitting to outside reading a good book
59. I will never understand converse boots, or converse in general (no offense)
60. I love peppermint iced tea
61. I will never understand why people love the mall so much. It stresses me out
62. I always put my hair up when I wake up.
63. I love cleaning and organizing.
64. I love swimming in the rain. (With out thunder and lightning of course!)
65. I love browsing around the hair, make up and Jewelry sections in stores
66. I cannot do a cart wheel, or a split, but I am trying! ;)
67. I stink at doing the hula hoop
68. Sometimes I wish I did cheerleader
69. I do not like Wal-mart
70. There is something magical about singing and dancing in the rain
71. I really hope that I can go to the DR this year
72. I do not think Edward Cullen, or Jacob are attractive
73. I love receiving Packages in the mail
74. I hate waving, smiling, and yelling to a person you know, and then they don't even notice you. How embarrassing!!!
75. Apple computers are the best!
76. Caffeine does not effect me. (except for one time I ate like 5 chocolate covered espresso beans late at night. With out thinking about what would happen. BAD IDEA!)
77. Getting a comment from another blogger COMPLETELY makes my day
78. I handle a bad hair day by putting my hair in a high pony tail, or a messy bun. ;)
79. I love tiramisu
80. I am very excited about spring and summer clothes
82. I am currently in the process of trying to grow my hair out
83. I love cycling in Wii fit
84. My monogrammed necklace just arrived today!
85. I like body butter better than regular lotion
86. I love rain coats, and rain boots
87. I would like to someday scrapbook all of my favorite pictures
88. I love gelato
89. I love colossal lash mascara, and lash blast mascara
90. My favorite subject in school is either American literature, or writing
91. I love sea horses
92. I love dark chocolate
93. Watermelon makes my stomach hurt. I don't really know why, so I don't eat it
94. I get depressed in dark, dreary, cold winter days
95. I love Lilly Pulitzer
96. I would LOVE to visit India, denmark, switzerland, or basically any of the places in Europe
97. I love pairing gray, with light blue
98. I could watch the food network all day!
99. I really like the names Fern, Amelia, Ellie, Sebastian, and Calvin
100. I love sewing, and crafting

Whew!! Did you get through all that? ;)



Lauren said...

Haha don't worry about playing football!! They don't even have a girls team sooo......
oh and your uggs are FAKE uggs. you should have clarified!

Caroline said...

Yea, I know they are, but I dont really think anybody would know what bjornjdal boots were. ;)