Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, America!

Since I took a blog break, I never told about my 4th of July! So here goes......

My family and I went to my Great Aunt Shirley's house. She is the coolest great aunt ever!

She lives in a really old town, that was actually named after my relatives. When we got there on the third, she took us to a little cook out, at a park where we listened to some people talk about Independence Day, and our Founding Father's. There was also a tea sampling, quilts people had made, and a drawing. I won some muscadine cider, (Muscadines are a type of grape) it was.... Interesting. :)

After that we went swimming in a gorgeous lake. Some of my relatives own a house on it, and we called to ask if we could go swimming off of their dock. I would LOVE to live there! It is a gorgeous place, and you can see to the bottom because it is so clear. (Except for where all the algae is) We got ice cream cones and sat out there the whole day. We took tons of pictures of us jumping off of the dock- My profile picture is one of them.

On the 4th we went to church with her, went back to the lake, and that night, watched fireworks from her house. We also did some sparklers. We were all very sad to leave her, but we will definitely be going down there again!

What did you do on the 4th?


JanuskieZ said...

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Andrea said...

I love your blog! I read it all the time(: For the 4th I was in Texas with a bunch of my family, so it was SO fun! We just relaxed and it was really lazy! About homeschooling... I might just stay in school because I feel like if I were to stay home, I would see NO ONE except at church, you know? And I told your sister Abby that I am just a people person, so that could be hard! Plus I like being able to witness to people at school; it's a perfect place to! Thanks for yall's prayers! We'll see!

Caroline said...

OH thank you so much, Andrea! You just made my day!! :) It sounds like you had a fantastic time on the 4th! I would love to visit Texas.

I am a people person as well, so I can completely understand. If you get in on a co-op, you will be able to see people, and you can definitely study together and stuff like that, but what ever you decide, I hope it works out really well for you!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Your 4th sounds fantastic! Speaking of fantastic - that photo collage!! Wow!

We had six guests staying with us which meant lots of laughing and tons of cooking! My kind of holiday!!!

carlotta said...

i just hung out with my family...my 4th was very low key - we didn't even bbq! haha
for most of the day, i packed for a trip to nashville.