Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My trip

I got back from a missions trip to the Dominican Republic on June 27th. It was wonderful! I am so glad I went. I feel like I have gotten closer to the Lord and that I have made lots of new friends.
My group met up at my church (At 2:00 in the morning!!), and then we took a bus ride to the airport. We had a 4 hour and 45 minute lay over, and everyone was so tired that we all slept in the airport.

My group was working on landscaping. We worked in mud, and mixed it with horse manure- yum. We also planted lots of grass. Unlike here in the USA, they pull up grass and then cut it into small pieces with a machete, and stick it into the ground. When I was not needed doing landscaping, I helped build stone steps.
(Some Dominican money- Pesos)

Another thing I really enjoyed was having a cut out time each morning for devotions. One of the team leaders would give a brief lesson and then send us off by ourselves to read our Bibles or write in our journals. They also served hot chocolate and coffee every morning, and their hot chocolate was the best that I have ever tasted. It was basically like drinking a melted chocolate bar with half and half in it. :)
We had lots of rice & beans, as well as tons of fresh fruits & vegetables. Here was our schedule-

Get up at 6:00
Devotions at 6:30
Breakfast at 7:00
Working until 10:00
Pineapple break at 10:00
Working until lunch
Lunch at 12:00
Working from 1:00-3:00
Cookie break at 3:00
Working until 5:00
Showers & free time at 5:00
Dinner at 6:00
Group devotions at about 7:30
Free time
It wasn't all hard work though. One time they took us shopping at some little stores, another time out to eat, to get ice cream,(I got coconut ice cream) and to go buy snacks. The place was absolutely beautiful.

On June 24th they took us to stay with a Dominican family. (Who was a Christian and worked with the camp) Our whole group (23 of us) was paired with a buddy and taken to a house. The people I stayed with were really sweet. We basically just slept there and ate breakfast with them, then our whole group met up at one house. On the last few days we worked in the city picking up trash, and building a roof. We left the Dominican on the 27th and got home on the 28th at 1:00 AM. I was sad to come home, even though I had missed my family. I still feel weird in America. There are no roosters who crow at 2 AM. No mosquito netting to sleep under. No crazy bus rides. I don't know... Its just so different here. I know there are good and bad things about both, but I really miss the Dominican.

When I got back I also found out that Ginger, my rabbit had died. I miss her so much. We think that she ate some of her shavings, but we are not quite sure. I am definitely getting another rabbit, but I doubt any rabbit can ever replace her. I loved her so much. I find myself missing her so much, and even though I only had her for a little under a month, I felt like I had had her for forever. Please pray for me about that- I would really, really appreciate it.


Its good to be back. Hopefully I will be blogging regularly.

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Andrea said...

Hey caroline! I loved your post! I love mission trips. I always come home with a desire to do more for the Lord! I am so sorry about your rabbit. Our dog just ran away, and we're all really sad :( I will be praying for you!!