Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday I toured S.B.C (Its a school) for next year. (By the way, if you were wondering, cafeteria food is absolutely, hands down disgusting.) It was pretty good, although a lot different from what I am used to. Were your transitions from school/college/work really hard?

As I was looking at the school, I was trying to think of a sport, or extra curricular activity to do, if I go there. I know they have a golf team, basketball, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading. I was considering doing volleyball & cheerleading.

I think one of the reasons I would like to try cheerleading, is because I have an awesome great aunt. (Aunt Shirley) She is completely amazing, and is such an inspiration. She is a wonderful cook, always ready to try new things, and just plain fun!! She taught me and my sisters several cheers- Here are some of them! (They are old school cheers)

"There's a team to the EAST there's a team to the WEST, but the team
on the floor, is the BEST! Go BOOKER T!"

"A can of tomatoes, a can of peas, a touch down mister, if you please!"
"Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon rind, check out the score board and see who's behind-
you, you, you , you, YOU!"

HA HA! I just love it!
Did you play sports? If so, which ones? Would you be a cheerleader? (I realize that a lot of times, they are characterized as snobs.)


mFw said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit! My college, the food is okay. If its too good you'll definitely gain the freshman 15 so I guess there's a happy medium.

The transition won't be that bad at all. I had a weird roommate and lived in an anti social dorm the first two weeks, so those two weeks were a little rough, but once I moved to a new dorm I was perfectly fine. In the beginning, just get out there and meet people!

Can't wait to hear how your college search goes and everything! I don't know if I can help at, but if I can just let me know!

Lauren said...

actually she's going to switch highschools...not college yet!

Caroline said...

Oh I am sorry mFw, I wasn't trying to mislead you! Nope, not college yet. High school. I should have clarified! But thank you for the tips, I am sure they will help in high school as well!

Trish said...

Caroline, this is such a fun post! I can't get over those old B&W cheerleading pictures, and those cheers of Aunt Shirley's are too sweet!

I cheered all throughout grade school and high school, it is the best, and you will make some great friends. I say go for it!! XOXO

Miss Southern Prep said...

Did you tour Sweet Briar in VA? I toured there-it's so cute! However, I agree, their food is not very yummy!