Friday, April 30, 2010

FABulous Finds!

Yesterday I went to the Snob Shop. (Which is a very nice consignment store that sells name brands: Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Anne Taylor, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren Etc.) I got...
-An adorable pink J. Crew skirt with embroidered bumble bees
-A cute white eyelet top ($4!!!)
-And a navy J. Crew T-shirt with lime green embroidered shell on it.

I was thrilled to find all of this stuff, and in good condition! I spent less than 30 dollars total. YAY!

While we were shopping, I saw some cowboy boots. I have decided that I now like them. I didn't used to. (They were $266. I couldn't help but gasp a little bit. Is that how much they normally are?) These were not my favorite style (They had a super pointy toe) but I would love to find some. What do you think about cowboy (Cowgirl) boots? Would you wear them? I think they became popular after Taylor Swift started wearing them with cute printed dresses. What type of outfits would you wear them with?


Trish said...

Hey cutie pie, I've been thinking of you this week! How is school going, and how much longer do you have to go?

WOW!! Amazing finds, I bet that little bumblebee skirt is precious on you. :)

Happy weekend, hope you have something fun planned!! xoxoxo

mFw said...

Hope you had a great week! Those are fabulous deals! I don't think cowboys boots should be that expensive, I know some friends of mine went to some boot warehouse place. I don't have a pair but some of my friends wear them a lot in fall with like a cord skirt or something. I think think they're fun!

Gracie Beth said...

A Good pair of cowboy boots ARE that expensive but you only have to buy one pair and they last forever. Mine are Frye which are very pricey but I got them on ebay.

Ann said...

first off, yay for bargains!
second, $266!! that's expensive!!
third, i love the look of cowboy boots. taylor is so cute in them. however, i'm not sure if i could pull them off...i wish i could!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love cowboy boots! They're so much fun, and will last you forever. Plus, they NEVER go out of style. My favorite place to wear them is to a country concert.

Savvy Gal said...

Yup they are pricey.

Kate said...

What a fun store name:the snob shop! I wish my local consignment stores carried Lilly!