Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Deals

Yesturday my sisters and I went shopping at goodwill. Now usually you can't find much there, but I guess it was our day!

I found-

  • A lime green Puffy vest (i had been wanting one, for such a long time!;)

  • A purple Ralph Lauren Tee shirt (And guess what?!? It even has the little Ralph Lauren guy in bright teal!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!?!;)

  • Some black tights with different coloured hearts. (great for Valentines Day!

Its not a ton, but I was thrilled!

A couple weeks ago My mom and I went to the 'junk shop' aka R.K. Blevins. It is a nasty looking place with great deals! We found a black shag rug for our bathroom, and a lot if other cute things. (The junk shop sells things from nice stores that came in a box that was dented or had some tiny problem. But nothing there is like completely torn.) But back to the subject, I found a really cute dusty brown (is that a colour?? any ways it looks like a dusty colour!;) bubble skirt, and looks kind of hippie-ish. (Great for contra dancing if I ever go!!;) It was only $4!! YIPPEE for great deals! I also got 3 pairs of really cute socks. Only $6.00 all together! Great deals just thrill me!

I could spend a whole post one this but I will not. Have you ever tried Gelato? It is half way between ice cream, frozen yogurt and a sorbet. Only its like TWICE as good. It has this amazing texture that makes you want more and more and more!! We all went to a cute TINY shop called 'Cafe Gelato' They had some great flavours that you can't get in ice cream- Like Kiwi, blackberry, hazel nut, mango, and then the regular-chocolate, strawberry. You get the idea! D-E-L-I-S-H! Your probably starved by now. Sorry.. Could'nt help it;)

The building is also really cute, it has little 'cafe' tables and it is the cutest peach colour. It also has light green, pink-ee red and black. It actually seems to make the store look bigger than it really is! It's only a little bigger than a walk in closet. (a big one)

Abby had a friend over yesturday and we went too 'Old Salem' (for Christmas we got a year round memeber ship there!) they have this AMAZING toy museum there, of toys kids used to play with. They looked so old a fragile. Imagine saying something like-

"yes dear you can play with my porcelain, antique, extremely valuable, special doll."

"uhhh huh, I am sure your dolly would just LOVE to make mud pies with you....."

hmm....I dont know if I would do that.

If you've ever noticed, old toys have a ton of colour to them, but now kids toys are mainly red, yellow, blue, pink... (primary colours plus pink.) Slighly boring compared to all the colours they used to use!! All the toys were very unique and intricate.

Since I could'nt take home one of those cool toys I bought a stuffed Schnauzer. (I can't have one of those either!!;)

Well we are about to leave for church so....See ya! ;o


abby said...

"yes dear you can play with my porclein, antique, extremely valuable, special doll."

haha... :) ur funny!

Caroline said...

thamks!!!;) i guess i just had one of those moments!!

Natalie said...

Yay for Goodwill!!! I love that place...and successful shopping always makes me hyper. :D I mean, if I actually go to a regular store and try to find something, chances are I won't find anything and I'll be depressed because nothing in the whole store fit properly.

Oh, I've heard of Cafe Gelato, but I haven't ever been there...it sounds cute!

I've been to the Old Salem museum. All those old toys are pretty neat, although some are a little creepy looking. :P But yes, that's a good point about the colors. They are everyday, normal colors, now everything has primary, tacky colors. :(