Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Dream Dorm Room

For fun I have been planning out of dream dorm room. (I do realize that I have several years until college, but hey, who says you can't dream?;) So I have put together this post with some neat dorm room items! ENJOY!

A cute plate for jewelry

A beta fish on the desk

An orchid

An armoire for clothes, and extra storage space A solid white shelf, to hold books, and decorations

A simple desk- Very simple to be exact only a couple drawers

I found this collage on Google Images. I thought there were some cute things

A monogrammed cork board- Very CUTE! (And it is pink and green!)

A couple other random things.........

*framed black & white photos

*A cute rug

*Solid color bedspread

*Simple chair to go at the desk (Not a computer chair)

*Monogrammed blanket

*A hutch to go over the desk

I have no clue if all this stuff would even fit in a dorm room, but I guess it just depends on what college you go to.
So what things did you bring with you to college? Anything I have completely forgotten? What would you add to this list? What on this list do you (think) not need?

Summerwind is having post about other bloggers dorm rooms. They are great for inspiration!



Parkavenueprincess is having a neat giveaway! Check it out!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Interesting ideas... My college had the room furnished with a desk, bed, chest of drawers, and a closet. I brought bedding and decorations, a computer, night stand, storage drawers/trunk, etc. A must have= Command Hooks because they hold heavy things and don't leave holes in the walls. Most of my walls were brick or something like that and would not take nails anyway.

Caroline said...

Oh okay-THanks for the info! Was your dorm room really tiny or a nice size?

Kelly said...

I love your ideas!!! The most important things to remember are to save space, and stay organized!!! all of those things that you picked out would be perfect! You may not have to buy all of them once you find out what your room comes with, but it's great to start now! How long do you have until college? I LOVED thinking about going off to college, and it definately did not disappoint! It was so fun!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Caroline, my room was a nice size. I had roommates each year. I finally connected okay with my 2nd year roommate and kept her the last 2 years as well. We also had a room with a private bathroom for a couple years.

Kelly, I agree. We bunked our beds a couple times. Then, when we put them separate, we raised each bed up high enough to store things under. We stacked a few things such as shelves on top of dressers, etc. I also enjoyed the 'college experience,' but of course this means different things to different people. (I grew in my faith, made a couple lifelong friends, and enjoyed my studies and living on campus.)

L said...

Kelly- I have 3 years until college. THanks for the super sweet comment! What furniture did you bring to college with you?

Caroline said...

oops! That last comment was actually from me- Caroline. I guess my sister was signed in